Sunday, June 19, 2011

House Warming Party

The housewarming party was a lot of fun.  I guess because it wasn't meant to punish or embarrass us or because everybody there knew the situation, we were able to let our hair down.   There was nothing really salacious, though the alcoholic consumption that night would have made a small city blush, but it was just a great college party--definitely the best one I've been at in a few years.

Unfortunately, the party was followed by bronchitis.  I wasn't bedridden and I thought it was just allergies until Friday.  By the time, I figured out that I had to go to the doctor I had no voice above a hoarse whisper.  Going to the doctor is not easy.   All my medical records are under my male name, but I'm supposed to be in feminine clothes all summer.  In addition, even if I went in male clothes, a doctor's examination would reveal an awful lot about what's going on.  As a result I went to a local clinic en femme and while the nurse did ask me what the situation was, she did so discreetly.   They were more professional than the university would have been.  Anyway, I was treated by a gorgeous Indian woman who said nothing about the fact that she knew I was male and I was wearing a sundress.  I was thrilled all day because it went well.

I'm still a major annoyance to this house, but the cough is less frequent then it was.  I'm on an antibiotic and a really nice cough medicine with codeine. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

We Have Internet

I'm sorry for the delay.  We got internet this afternoon.   This was not the smoothest move ever and that doesn't even include all the work that we had to do.  It is kind of nice to have an actual house instead of an apartment.  There is more room and a lot more privacy.  We really haven't been very sexy lately--lots of paint splatter and lots of t-shirts and jeans or t-shirts and shorts.  We had some flooding this week after a freakish downpour, but we've been assured that was just a fluke and that it won't happen during normal rain.  We're still not completely ready, but there will be a housewarming party tomorrow.  Things are gradually returning to normal or at least our version of normal.  Thanks for the patience.