Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sorry for Delay

I was supposed to post yesterday, but the party ended Friday morning with just enough time to wash off the makeup and perfume, change clothes, and make it to my first class.  I was knocked out by Friday evening and didn't get a chance.

The party was humiliating and I had no real desire to watch the royal wedding, but on the other hand it was really kind of interesting.  It started at midnight and the wedding wasn't until 4AM so we had a lot of time to talk.   The girls gave us tasks to do like giving each other makeovers and doing some party games, but the most interesting part was talking.  The 5 of us share something that very few other people would really understand.  It was interesting to hear about Colleen growing up from Jill and to get to know Amber better.  I've learned never to even think of trying to overpower the girls especially if Heather was there and I learned about experiences that were common like that fear that everybody could see our bra the first time we wore it under our male clothes and things that were unique like Jill working at a bar.

Tonight is going to be a major night for Xiu and me. We're going out in public and I am pretty sure we're going to be demonstrating our new found skills.  I'm nervous about this as I'm definitely straight.  General consensus among the other gurls was that Colleen wouldn't take things to far, but that all bets were off where Xiu was concerned and that she better repent and fast.   I really need to talk with her.  Fighting this is sometimes worth it for your own self-respect, but constantly fighting gets you nowhere except in deeper.

Do any of you who have blogs know if there is a way to block a follower from your blog? 

Monday, April 25, 2011

What Happenned to the Weekend

A funny thing happened this weekend.   At about 12:30 Friday I got a call from my folks that they felt bad I couldn't make it home for sister and they were coming up to visit.   They were about 90 minutes away.   I immediately called Colleen and begged her to let me change my apartment.  She told me not to waste time begging, but to get to work.  She sent Cindy and Jill over to help and by coincidence Rebecca showed up.  Together the 4 of us got all evidence of my double life out and had everything set by 1:20.

I was very happy with the way they pitched in for me.  I know there were things they wanted to do with Xiu and me this weekend, but that all went on hold.    I am still completely shocked that my non-spontaneous parents would do such a thing, but I got lucky.  I also managed to not get a lot of odd questions about my appearance, which they took as neatening my appearance and saw that as evidence I must have a girlfriend.  Having my hair already long helped and I guess my eyebrows were kind of unattractive before getting them shaped anyway.  Of course, the cold weather helped disguise the fact that I was wearing a bra, panties, and hose. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Getting Behind on Questions

Yesterday was supposed to be shopping day, but it was rather nice and today was forecasted (correctly) to be a gray and rainy mess, so the girls gave me a day reprieve in exchange for some modeling around campus.  I felt really embarrassed and exposed as people would come by and wonder who the girl posing was and why she was modeling.  I know at least a couple of camera phones got shots of me as well.

I got the better of a conversation with Colleen.  She told me at one point that will all these pictures of me on campus, they had all the blackmail they would ever need if I decided to be uncooperative.  I told Colleen, that I thought that ship had already sailed months ago.  She didn't know what to say, but then admitted they all still liked to watch me pose. 

I got another phone number.   A guy approached Kristine and asked her what was going on.  She explained that she needed to get some pictures for a sociology project (I guess I'm the project).  The guy was in a class with her and immediately started chatting me up.  As I looked over the girls were smiling at me and winking, but it was a relatively safe setting.  I did my best to flirt back and the small cold I have now probably actually helped my voice (this cough is really bothering me by the way) or at least provided an excuse if I still wasn't in the right register.   He wanted to swap numbers---I guess there are advantages to not having a pocket for a cell phone, but I talked him into writing his down instead when I promised to call.  Kristine says he's a terrible flirt who does this to every girl he meets, but that he seems like a decent guy.

Xiu and I will be spending Saturday together again.  I can't deny being scared about it.  I actually practiced with my little friend Roger this morning (if you know what I mean) because I was told my technique needed improvement.  I felt so embarrassed.  Things do ease up around here, but when they get intense, they get really intense.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So Much To Do

By now, most of you have seen the picture of me tied into a human pretzel with Xiu.   I kind of got the feeling I was set up there.  It was more of a case of them wanting me to be in trouble and looking for an excuse than any kind of sensitivity about my blog.   I guess that's my lot for now.  They didn't keep us tied up for more than 30 or 40 minutes, but it took awhile to get us tied that way and required us to do some serious kissing to get untied. 

The whole situation with Xiu has left us with no choice, but to agree to certain ground rules.   We try and make sure that we are smooth, sweet smelling, and as feminine as possible when we might be in that kind of contact with each other because it makes it a lot easier for us if the person we're looking at we can see as an attractive girl instead of a guy.

Last night was pool night.   Xiu and I went over to a frat house (escorted by one of the girls' friends) and were simply told to play pool for 90 minutes.   It wasn't long before guys came down to check us out.  Xiu has a lot more experience with guys than I do, but with a low cut top I wasn't exactly looking forward to reaching over the table, especially because a sharp eyed guy might notice I had breast forms on.   We did attract a lot of attention and though there was no competition Xiu got 3 phone numbers and I got 2.  Colleen has hinted that this won't be the last time we compete for phone numbers.  It wasn't too bad.  We usually outnumbered the guys who came by and with their friend there, I felt somewhat safe.

Tomorrow is a mall day.   It takes such a large wardrobe to dress as much as they want us to.  Colleen has such unlimited funds.  My parents would kill me if I spent that much on clothes.  I guess that they're used to it because Jill acquired quite a collection of skirts, dresses, shoes, and you name it from what I've been told.  The other sissies have been really nice, but moving in with 4 other guys who hang their pantyhose in the bathroom and fight for makeup space in the counter is going to be a trip.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Please Vote for Sheila

I made a horrible mistake putting that poll up on my blog.  It's a very good picture of me and not a great one of Sheila who is extremely attractive.   Colleen was nice enough to let me post her picture, but I am in a lot of trouble over this now.  It would really help me out if Sheila won the competition.

Answering questions - Susan is Amber's mistress.  She hangs out with the other mistresses sometimes, but also has her own group of friends.  

Not What I Had in Mind

I went my nails removed yesterday and Colleen went with me.  I wasn't too alarmed.  When it was finally done and the nails were removed (Bill, the color is called Fire), my nails were repainted a soft pink.   It was not a big deal and nothing that couldn't be removed with nail polish before I needed to appear anywhere in public.   As we were leaving, Colleen commented that it was a beautiful day.  I told her that it was way too cold for late in April, but she persisted saying we should go do something.   Of course her idea of something was dress shopping.  

While the bridesmaids have their dresses and all for the big day, it seems several of the attendees do not.  I am going as Xiu's plus one, but I don't know if I'm going as Katie or Aaron.  In any event, many dresses were tried on for such an occasion and that will be the subject of the new poll I'm putting up this afternoon.  The above picture shows Sheila and I in identical colors.

The dildo has been named Roger.   I'm not shocked or anything, but as you might imagine I didn't have too much input in that choice.   After shopping, we went back to my place and I had to demonstrate my form and I think I am still blushing.  Having a half dozen girls see you doing something like that and catcalling is an extremely humbling experience. 

Unfortunately, around this time Susan was playing with my cable and noticed that the DVR had recorded an awful lot of girly girl shows and I had watched none of them.   The girls slowly advanced on me.  They could have simply ordered me not to move, but they wanted to overpower me.   They soon had used the clothesline that I supply for just such an occasion to tied me to the couch inescapably hand and foot.  They didn't even have Heather with them and as the ropes ensnared me they did make sure to point out that it was some girls younger than me who had rendered me so helpless.   Once I was secured on went the DVR and I was forced to endure 6 hours of Girl Meets Gown before being mercifully released by Colleen.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sometimes I Hate Reading the Other Blogs

Sometimes I hate reading the other blogs because I find out what's in store for us.  I was given a shopping list this morning and I bought among other things, whipped cream and honey which I thought would lead to another embarrassing evening of Xiu and I licking it off each other.   Now that I've read one Kristine and Colleen's blog I think it will be much worse.  The whole dildo thing is really tough to get through and the permanent stain of my lipstick is a reminder of what it's been used for.  I need to come up with a name soon, but I don't even want to think of it.

Thank you for letting Xiu have it.  She seems to think I'm just as responsible for our current predicament as she is.   I knew what she did and I covered up for her, but she started everything.  She's still my friend and I've got her back, but I wish she'd take responsibility for it.

I had a really awkward moment with the long nails this morning.   I was getting dressed when Colleen, Kristine, Cindy, Heather, and her boyfriend came over.  Colleen didn't like what I was wearing and immediately led me into the bedroom where she laid out stuff for me to put on.  At least my lingerie still worked, but I took off my sweater and skirt and slid on a black dress.  I could barely reach the zipper, but with my long nails couldn't manipulate it.   I had to ask to be zipped up.  Nobody would do anything until I finally approached Heather's boyfriend and asked him to do it for me.  He obliged and I had to give him a kiss on the cheek which was as awkward for him as for me.  However, I felt so helpless.  I can't wait for the nails to go away.

No date night with Xiu tonight, but Colleen said that she and Kristine would be over to babysit me later and tutor me.  I can't help  but wonder, what I'm supposed to learn now.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I found out today that I'll have a three day weekend beginning tomorrow.  Unfortunately, Heather was there at the time and immediately texted Colleen of the news.  The result was a meet up in the dreaded union and then a short drive across town for manis and pedis.  I had several accessories swapped with me and my hair and makeup done before arriving.  I am really startled by how quickly I can go from almost looking like myself to looking like a girl.

Anyway, I now have very long nails which I'm having a real difficult time getting used to.  I don't have to dress up this weekend, but I have long red nails that are going to make it impossible for me to be anything but Katie. 

Colleen has sort of settled into a routine with me.  I know not to cross her and she doesn't seem to make things impossible for me to succeed.  The problem is that she still always gets her way.   On the way back in the car, she mentioned how great my red nails would look wrapped around my dildo when practicing.  I started to object, but she turned around and raised an eyebrow and I knew then and there to shut up and that I would be practicing.   The nails make my hands so useless.  Anyway, I'll probably blog tomorrow since I have a free day.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Colleen's "Help"

Sorry, I didn't look up, but I got nailed with a candid shot.   I was not aware that Karen was in the book store when I sat down to read.  It really isn't a bad picture and as you can see nobody's eyes are on me.  What you can't see is that I'm shaking like a leaf.  I got Colleen's help this morning after class on my makeup and my hair so that I'd be at maximum presentability.  My relationship with her is so weird.  For all intents and purposes, she is my mistress.  She is the one who made me go out in a dress and heels and pantyhose and makeup and everythng, but as she was helping get me ready she was being reassuring and it almost felt like we were on the same team both working together to get me to pass.  I then told her I thought I might be able to have this down by the end of summer.  When I said that she laughed and said it had better be a lot sooner than that for my sake.  

We got the dildos today and there is a picture of me holding one.  She did promise that there would be no pictures of me using one online, but that there were certain skills that I needed to learn and I could learn them on the dildo or on Xiu.  I happily thanked her for letting me buy the dildo.  When I asked her where she wanted it to lead, she told me that she didn't know, but that just having to demonstrate my prowess with it would be plenty humiliating for me.  She's right.  The weather was nice on Sunday, but colder today.  If it warms up a bit, I'll probably spend my public time tomorrow outside.

Kathwyn: I have no ill will towards you.  I get your motivation here, but from everything I know a lot of your advice probably saved me from being put into worse situations.  If Colleen and Sheila go first and the instructor knows to expect Xiu and I, then it won't be as bad as it could be going in cold to a heterosexual dirty dancing class.  Xiu isn't happy you helped, but I get it.  No ill will here.

Sissy Emily: No Hello Kitty.  Being out in public went OK.  Sorry for the lack of suggestive smile, but I was kind of taken by surprise.  I have worn mostly the same styles of bra and panties, but I guess I'll add reviews when I get around to reviewing pantyhose.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

They've Got to Be Kidding

Date Night with Xiu was actually kind of mild this week, but we were told that soon we would be going out on date nights.  I'm so nervous about the public aspect of this.  Anyway, Xiu hit the highlights.  We played Strip Poker, though we had to undress the other one in as sexy a way as we could.  It was very odd to have Xiu unzipping my dress or sliding down my hose.  We were tied together hugging again, but it is certainly less humiliating than some of the recent positions.   What isn't less humiliating is tomorrow.

Xiu and I have to take a trip over to the adult store and pick up dildos.   They have to be extremely realistic because we wouldn't want to have unrealistic dildos now.  I don't know if I'm more scared about going to the store and failing to pass as I buy one or the fact that Colleen wants me to have one.  So far she's been pretty good about not posting explicit pictures so I really hope that continues.

The girls want me out and about this week in non-threatening situations.  I'm wondering just how much work I can get done in the library wearing a dress.  There's certainly a lot to wrap my head around.  I've been following the dance lessons discussion on Sheila and Amanda's blog and it doesn't look like things will be getting easier for Xiu and me anytime soon.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Scavenger Hunt from Heck

Fridays seem to be the days when the big stuff gets launched on me.  I've been busy with work lately and I neglecting my makeup, voice, and movement practice and the girls decided to teach me a little lesson with a scavenger hunt from Hell.  Things started in the Student Union where I was given a duffel bag with things needed to transform to Katie and I was told to take my time making sure my change was as close to perfect as possible.  Besides, anybody in the union wouldn't think I was the same person who left.  This made sense and I was relieved to find no dress in the bag.  There were skinny jeans a lowcut sweater that showed off the breast forms they had included to great effect, and my high heeled boots.   I did my makeup and returned to find that they weren't there. 

I sat down figuring that it was the best bet I would have to wait for them.  I was only there a moment when 2 guys came over to me from a nearby table.  They hadn't been there when I left.  "Are you Katie" one of them asked and I smiled and nodded.  I really don't have any kind of feminine voice.  They told me that my friends wanted them to give me an envelope and said I'd give them each a kiss if they gave it to me.   I didn't have a lot of choice.  I did kiss them on the lips, but closed mouth and nothing very deep.  They were satisfied and I had the envelope.  I sat down to read it and it was an instruction to walk out to the parking lot and a key.  I was told to find Sheila's car and leave the duffle bag in there.  In the trunk was a black backpack that I was told to take and to leave the key in the trunk.

Throughout the day I followed a string of clues that brought me all over campus.  My calves were starting to hurt from the heels by the end of the day.  At one point I was told to sit in the library in a certain chair and fix my lipstick while smiling and making eye contact at every guy who passed.   When I did that one guy chatted me up.  I was in the process of giving him a fake phone number when he finally told me the next clue.

I had no key to my apartment so I was kind of stuck.   Things finally led me to the basement of the music where they have the music library.  I was to go to the show tunes and get the recording for The Flower Drum Song and listen to I Enjoy Being a Girl at full volume.  I did so and when the song ended nothing happened so I listened to it two more times.  I was unable to hear anything and I felt two arms hug me from behind.  I jumped startled to see myself face to face with my friend Rebecca. 

When Xiu and I suddenly dropped our threats against the girls, she began to dig.  She found out what they were really doing to Xiu and just as importantly what Xiu had been doing to the girls and the fact that we lied to her.   She told me in no uncertain terms that she felt hurt and betrayed and that both of us had dropped quite a bit in her estimation for using our positions immorally.  She said that she was very close to reporting us both to the University, but was talked out of it.  She told us she had no interest in our feminization other than being amused by the poetic justice aspect and that she was angry we had made her a part of things.   She said we could still be friends and reminded me of some of the things I had done.  She informed us that she would not be a mistress.  The girls had invited her and she had no interest, but she did say we would be adding her apartment to the list of places we would be providing maid service for.  I guess I hadn't thought about how she felt when she found out Xiu and I lied her into doing something that could have cost her her career. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

By Popular Demand

Sorry, I've been really busy this week and it won't let up until next week.  I promised to answer questions though so here it goes:

Mary - No pictures were taken of us cleaning each other off.  They've been pretty good about not photographing what they have Xiu and I do.  The poll is just because I was curious what readers though.  I sincerely hope the girls will not try and coerce Xiu and I into going that far.

Kathwyn writes I'm not completely clear on what Xiu was doing to get the girls so mad at him.
If he was trading good grades for sex... that's not good but I might still have some sympathy.
On the other hand, if he was threatening to give people bad grades for not putting out... then I'd say "an eye for an eye and a blowjob for a blowjob".

As I understand things, he had a rule.  He'd ask girls out.  If they accepted and didn't click it didn't affect their grade.  If they refused to go out, he says he "unconsciously probably did give them worse grades", and yes any further than 1 date would vastly improve their grade.  I thought of it as harmless fun though I did no such thing myself.  When he told me what the girls were doing I lied to our friend Rebecca to get her to go along with us and told threatened the girls with their grades in all 3 of our classes.   Unfortunately, I did it in such a clumsy way that I not only didn't rescue Xiu, I gave them enough blackmail to cost me my job as well and possibly subject me to more serious punishment.  I worry that they may feel the way you express and that if they decide a blowjob for a blowjob, I will be a big part of that punishment.

MW - Thank you for your comments about my attitude.  I guess I realize I do deserve some punishment for my part in things and I know where resistance has always gotten the other sissies.  On the other hand, I really shudder to think being turned as feminine as Jill or Cindy.

Charmane - I have a lot of wardrobe to buy.  I have made 4 shopping trips so far and have many more to go.

Tatyanarenie - I like Xiu as a buddy, but I don't think I'll ever see him as more than that.

Kircedes - The boyfriends are so humiliating.  When they're dating the girls who we know we must obey, we can't help but feel very inferior to them.  They were nice enough though and didn't either mock us or try and take advantage of us.  They do love the maid service fringe benefit however.

Annonymous wrote Katie, you look wonderful, but i have a question for you. You say that wearing female clothes does not turn you on. What I am wondering is if you are required to wear a bra and panties and pantyhose all day and you don't have a girlfriend then you must at some point masturbate. I mean, you've been under the girls' control for quite a while now and I'm sure that at some point you've been horny enough to jerk it. So, what is it like humping your hand while wearing panties and a bra??? Does it distract you or does it turn you on just a little bit/?? 

Yeah, I have done it.   At first it was really distracting.  I've gotten used to it and the texture of the panties does excite me when doing it sometime.  One time the sight of my long red fingernails while doing it and I was wearing pressons did very much excite me, but for the most part I just try to ignore it.

Several - I know there are many people who would trade places with me.  Sometimes it helps.  Sometimes it doesn't.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Last Night

I don't know when I'm ever going to get to the questions.  I have been a bit busy and not just trying on dresses though I was doing that at the mall again today.  Last night was another interesting night with Xiu.  I made dinner for him with Colleen's help and set up a candlelight dinner, which we were allowed to eat alone provided that we kept the conversation date appropriate.  Xiu has been burned before with hidden microphones so he didn't dare talk about anything, but the color of my eyes and how nice my legs looked in my dress.  There was no microphone, but we didn't know that.   Xiu cleared the table and we retired to the living room, where we watched television.  One look and I could tell he was as nervous as I was.

Colleen arrived later with Heather, Karen, Amanda, Sheila, Jill, Kristine, and both Heather and Karen's boyfriends.  Now, I hate when boyfriends are involved especially because we were expected to get them beer as soon as they entered and generally fawn all over them while they looked smugly at us since they weren't the ones wearing dresses.  Actually, we were the only two in dresses.  The reason the guys were here is because the girls wanted to give us dance lessons.   Heather's boyfriend is 6'3" so he is taller than me even in heels and Xiu is pretty short.   Jill explained the difference between dancing like a guy and like a girl to us and then Sheila taught us how to dance.   Dancing with Heather's boyfriend was different than with Xiu.  I could feel his whiskers on my face when we danced close. 

After the guys were done, Xiu and I took turns taking the girl's part as we danced to both fast and slow songs.  Xiu is definitely a better dancer than I am, but the girls were satisfied and that's when we were given choice one for the night.   We were told if we cooperated the guys would leave and already feeling like less than men with them watching us, we agreed.   That's when we found out that what came next was dessert and by dessert I mean whipped cream and chocolate pudding.  We were ordered to strip down to our bra and panties, but to leave our heels on and to freshen up our makeup.  When we returned I saw that both Colleen and Sheila were holding ropes.  Our hands were tied behind out backs and then Colleen painted me with pudding and sprayed whipped cream on me while Sheila did the same to Xiu.  The pudding and whipped cream went everywhere and when I felt Colleen grab the waist band of my panties and spray about a third of a can of whipped cream down there I knew I was in trouble.   We then had to clean each other off with our hands still tied.   We were told if we could get each other clean in 45 minutes we would not have to shower together otherwise we'd have to clean each other off.   We did make it, but not with much time to spare.  We didn't touch each other's penises or anything, but having somebody suck whipped cream out of your panties does produce a rather uncontrollable reaction and both Xiu and I were obviously showing signs that the girls couldn't help noticing. 

With everything licked off we were still very sticky and we were allowed to each take a shower separately before changing into our nighties.  Before going to bed, we were given our last choice of the night---sign up for dance lessons or be tied together in a new position they had in mind.   We both immediately chose to let them look for dance lessons for us and we were allowed to sleep together, in the same bed, but not tied to each other. 

Today's poll is about Xiu and me.  I'm getting worried about that situation and I'm kind of curious what readers think.