Monday, April 25, 2011

What Happenned to the Weekend

A funny thing happened this weekend.   At about 12:30 Friday I got a call from my folks that they felt bad I couldn't make it home for sister and they were coming up to visit.   They were about 90 minutes away.   I immediately called Colleen and begged her to let me change my apartment.  She told me not to waste time begging, but to get to work.  She sent Cindy and Jill over to help and by coincidence Rebecca showed up.  Together the 4 of us got all evidence of my double life out and had everything set by 1:20.

I was very happy with the way they pitched in for me.  I know there were things they wanted to do with Xiu and me this weekend, but that all went on hold.    I am still completely shocked that my non-spontaneous parents would do such a thing, but I got lucky.  I also managed to not get a lot of odd questions about my appearance, which they took as neatening my appearance and saw that as evidence I must have a girlfriend.  Having my hair already long helped and I guess my eyebrows were kind of unattractive before getting them shaped anyway.  Of course, the cold weather helped disguise the fact that I was wearing a bra, panties, and hose. 


  1. That is so awesome the your Mistresses have your back like that dear, and you should feel that more confident that you were able to hide your bra and panties from your folks especially your mom, I bet that is one reason the girls have you wear wear pantyhose besides making you pee sitting down is to hide visible panty lines or VPLs. According to your pictures if it were just up to the pictures I think you pass better than Jill. Don't know how your voice training or mannerisms are though from pictures. I know you have been bombarded recently with questions which you probably will have to do 2 posts in one day to answer but I was wondering with another question in the beginning with washing if you or any of the other sissies every committed an embarrassing newbie sissy mistake when washing your new clothing together, bleeding colors or ruining a good set of clothes etc? I was also wondering if the girls constantly try and test your knowledge of fashion and what goes well together when shopping or putting on clothes?

  2. Aloha Katie,
    Its nice to hear that the girls have got your back when it really counts. I hope you are beginning to look upon them as friends and not just tormentors.
    I hope your cold has gotten better.

  3. You are one lucky sissy Katie. If I were you I would be thinking really hard about to properly thank your Mistresses for being there for you so quickly. Plus I would would be getting prepared for double time training on precious lost weekend time.


  4. Wasn't it nice to have sissy friends to help clean up, oh yes, and Rebecca. It's also amazing your parents would not notice your very neat appearance. You wow your readers, you would think a mother would pick up more. You don't have a girl friend, you are the girl friend of hundreds of readers. Bill

  5. that is awesome you got to meet youe parents and I like the fact Colleen understood and sent over Jill and Cindy to help you out..

    Hope you had a good easter

  6. What a nice blog entry.

    You learned that you have an understanding mistress plus real friends. It must have felt good to have Rebecca come and help. You owe her.

    Even better, with the pressure on, you had the mindset to know you still needed Colleen's permission. She must be proud of you. What a good girl you are. And you kept your bra and panties on. Good girl!

  7. My first thought was that it must have been nice to get a break from 'date night' events with Xiu, given the increased intimacy of late. But then I realized that an evening spent with company while wearing a bra and panties under your clothes was probably anything but relaxing. Still, it was reassuring to see the mistresses come together for you in a crisis!