Monday, April 18, 2011

Not What I Had in Mind

I went my nails removed yesterday and Colleen went with me.  I wasn't too alarmed.  When it was finally done and the nails were removed (Bill, the color is called Fire), my nails were repainted a soft pink.   It was not a big deal and nothing that couldn't be removed with nail polish before I needed to appear anywhere in public.   As we were leaving, Colleen commented that it was a beautiful day.  I told her that it was way too cold for late in April, but she persisted saying we should go do something.   Of course her idea of something was dress shopping.  

While the bridesmaids have their dresses and all for the big day, it seems several of the attendees do not.  I am going as Xiu's plus one, but I don't know if I'm going as Katie or Aaron.  In any event, many dresses were tried on for such an occasion and that will be the subject of the new poll I'm putting up this afternoon.  The above picture shows Sheila and I in identical colors.

The dildo has been named Roger.   I'm not shocked or anything, but as you might imagine I didn't have too much input in that choice.   After shopping, we went back to my place and I had to demonstrate my form and I think I am still blushing.  Having a half dozen girls see you doing something like that and catcalling is an extremely humbling experience. 

Unfortunately, around this time Susan was playing with my cable and noticed that the DVR had recorded an awful lot of girly girl shows and I had watched none of them.   The girls slowly advanced on me.  They could have simply ordered me not to move, but they wanted to overpower me.   They soon had used the clothesline that I supply for just such an occasion to tied me to the couch inescapably hand and foot.  They didn't even have Heather with them and as the ropes ensnared me they did make sure to point out that it was some girls younger than me who had rendered me so helpless.   Once I was secured on went the DVR and I was forced to endure 6 hours of Girl Meets Gown before being mercifully released by Colleen.


  1. Cute. You really thought putting down Sheila was an acceptable use of your blog? You are in so much trouble right now and conveniently so is Xiu. I hope you like Twister!

  2. Who is Susan, Katie :) Curious

  3. aww come on Colleen, you should post your self too! it is cool to see the Ladies along :)

  4. Really "Girl meets Gown"? I've never heard of it.
    Was 6 hours awful? Are more Mistresses being added? Are these some of your students? Bill

  5. Oh! Twister!! Fun!!!

  6. "Roger" is a perfectly delightful name for a dildo! However, I must say that the transitive verb "to roger" implies a different use than the one you have been making of it. "Bob" might have been a more appropriate name! :)

    I can only imagine how embarrassing it must have been to have had a room full of women commenting on your technique. I would have dearly loved to have been a fly on the wall!

  7. Six hours of a show called 'Girl Meets Gown'? Six HOURS?!? Sounds like the worst thing that's happened to you.

    And I have to admit that 'Roger' is pretty clever. It never would've occurred to me, but the mistresses always manage to find a way to give the knife another twist, don't they?