Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So Much To Do

By now, most of you have seen the picture of me tied into a human pretzel with Xiu.   I kind of got the feeling I was set up there.  It was more of a case of them wanting me to be in trouble and looking for an excuse than any kind of sensitivity about my blog.   I guess that's my lot for now.  They didn't keep us tied up for more than 30 or 40 minutes, but it took awhile to get us tied that way and required us to do some serious kissing to get untied. 

The whole situation with Xiu has left us with no choice, but to agree to certain ground rules.   We try and make sure that we are smooth, sweet smelling, and as feminine as possible when we might be in that kind of contact with each other because it makes it a lot easier for us if the person we're looking at we can see as an attractive girl instead of a guy.

Last night was pool night.   Xiu and I went over to a frat house (escorted by one of the girls' friends) and were simply told to play pool for 90 minutes.   It wasn't long before guys came down to check us out.  Xiu has a lot more experience with guys than I do, but with a low cut top I wasn't exactly looking forward to reaching over the table, especially because a sharp eyed guy might notice I had breast forms on.   We did attract a lot of attention and though there was no competition Xiu got 3 phone numbers and I got 2.  Colleen has hinted that this won't be the last time we compete for phone numbers.  It wasn't too bad.  We usually outnumbered the guys who came by and with their friend there, I felt somewhat safe.

Tomorrow is a mall day.   It takes such a large wardrobe to dress as much as they want us to.  Colleen has such unlimited funds.  My parents would kill me if I spent that much on clothes.  I guess that they're used to it because Jill acquired quite a collection of skirts, dresses, shoes, and you name it from what I've been told.  The other sissies have been really nice, but moving in with 4 other guys who hang their pantyhose in the bathroom and fight for makeup space in the counter is going to be a trip.


  1. Don't worry Katie you will get better. Just need to practice flirting more I would suggest asking Jill to help you out. She seems to be a pro at it. I was wondering if you ever think what celebrity or super model you most think and look like or wish to be, or if not which female celebrity famous person in history you think you would want to be more like?

    Also for a simpler question I was wondering what other shows the girls allow you to watch and which are mandatory. Do you have any favorites so far?

  2. Katie you have the best sense of humor I would so fall for you, and yes I am a real woman who found this blog while searching for guess what pantyhose and I am intrigued and hooked.

    I do feel bad for you at times, but I do enjoy the experiment. Kudos


  3. You are definately coming along nicely Katie, try getting together more with sissies like Jill or Cindy if you need someone to talk to, but I am sure the blogging helps you as you seem to enjoy it. I noticed we have seen a photos of Jill and Cindy cuddling in their nighties in bed as bffs together other nighties I was wondering if we could get a pic of you and xiu in the same manner showing off your nightie collection I don't think we have seen that yet.