Friday, April 8, 2011

Scavenger Hunt from Heck

Fridays seem to be the days when the big stuff gets launched on me.  I've been busy with work lately and I neglecting my makeup, voice, and movement practice and the girls decided to teach me a little lesson with a scavenger hunt from Hell.  Things started in the Student Union where I was given a duffel bag with things needed to transform to Katie and I was told to take my time making sure my change was as close to perfect as possible.  Besides, anybody in the union wouldn't think I was the same person who left.  This made sense and I was relieved to find no dress in the bag.  There were skinny jeans a lowcut sweater that showed off the breast forms they had included to great effect, and my high heeled boots.   I did my makeup and returned to find that they weren't there. 

I sat down figuring that it was the best bet I would have to wait for them.  I was only there a moment when 2 guys came over to me from a nearby table.  They hadn't been there when I left.  "Are you Katie" one of them asked and I smiled and nodded.  I really don't have any kind of feminine voice.  They told me that my friends wanted them to give me an envelope and said I'd give them each a kiss if they gave it to me.   I didn't have a lot of choice.  I did kiss them on the lips, but closed mouth and nothing very deep.  They were satisfied and I had the envelope.  I sat down to read it and it was an instruction to walk out to the parking lot and a key.  I was told to find Sheila's car and leave the duffle bag in there.  In the trunk was a black backpack that I was told to take and to leave the key in the trunk.

Throughout the day I followed a string of clues that brought me all over campus.  My calves were starting to hurt from the heels by the end of the day.  At one point I was told to sit in the library in a certain chair and fix my lipstick while smiling and making eye contact at every guy who passed.   When I did that one guy chatted me up.  I was in the process of giving him a fake phone number when he finally told me the next clue.

I had no key to my apartment so I was kind of stuck.   Things finally led me to the basement of the music where they have the music library.  I was to go to the show tunes and get the recording for The Flower Drum Song and listen to I Enjoy Being a Girl at full volume.  I did so and when the song ended nothing happened so I listened to it two more times.  I was unable to hear anything and I felt two arms hug me from behind.  I jumped startled to see myself face to face with my friend Rebecca. 

When Xiu and I suddenly dropped our threats against the girls, she began to dig.  She found out what they were really doing to Xiu and just as importantly what Xiu had been doing to the girls and the fact that we lied to her.   She told me in no uncertain terms that she felt hurt and betrayed and that both of us had dropped quite a bit in her estimation for using our positions immorally.  She said that she was very close to reporting us both to the University, but was talked out of it.  She told us she had no interest in our feminization other than being amused by the poetic justice aspect and that she was angry we had made her a part of things.   She said we could still be friends and reminded me of some of the things I had done.  She informed us that she would not be a mistress.  The girls had invited her and she had no interest, but she did say we would be adding her apartment to the list of places we would be providing maid service for.  I guess I hadn't thought about how she felt when she found out Xiu and I lied her into doing something that could have cost her her career. 


  1. You are more than passable - you are gorgeous! Guys are going to be all over you. Apparently, the mistresses have no trouble finding guys to play with you. Are you looking forward to that or scared?

    If it is not what you want, you should start looking at Xiu more like a lover. Think about it. You sleep with a very pretty girl. Do you prefer waking next to a guy with scratchy whiskers? Maybe you do

    Tell the mistress that you want to be a lesbian. You want to learn with Xiu but you want to be with a women. Xiu will melt in your arms - don't worry. You know where she likes to be kissed. Just go slow.

    By the way, making love to a strong women dressed as a sissy is fantastic. Just ask Cindy. That should be your goal.

    By the way, now that you know that Rebecca is in on it, are you beginning to get why women are so pissed off?


  2. Katie... I'm so proud of you for telling us what you and Xiu had done. I think that took a lot of courage to post that.
    And I'm happy to think that you and Rebecca can be friends again. I hadn't thought that you had endangered her career as well, but it sounds like she is willing to forgive you.
    Although she might not want to be a mistress, I do hope she stands by you and supports you as you're going through this. I think you will appreciate having a girl friend who isn't one of the mistresses.
    Much Love

  3. It is amazing how good you can look in everyday clothes. I would think you would do it for fun. That's where Jill and Cindy are I think. The mistresses do get creative don't they. - Bill

  4. Definitely sounds like you had a fun Friday however you should have known a scavenger hunt was on the way sometime with history of the other sissies doing them. At least you didn't have to stop at a fraternity house, unless that was a detail left out ;-). Anyway I hope you and Xiu are enjoying your date night tonight, I thought since you are moving into the sissy house you might want to take a look at a set of girly tools here in all pink you get can get at Lowes, or another set you can get at Target

    One other piece of advice is I would also think about picking up a few stuffed animals to decorate the room with.