Monday, April 11, 2011

Colleen's "Help"

Sorry, I didn't look up, but I got nailed with a candid shot.   I was not aware that Karen was in the book store when I sat down to read.  It really isn't a bad picture and as you can see nobody's eyes are on me.  What you can't see is that I'm shaking like a leaf.  I got Colleen's help this morning after class on my makeup and my hair so that I'd be at maximum presentability.  My relationship with her is so weird.  For all intents and purposes, she is my mistress.  She is the one who made me go out in a dress and heels and pantyhose and makeup and everythng, but as she was helping get me ready she was being reassuring and it almost felt like we were on the same team both working together to get me to pass.  I then told her I thought I might be able to have this down by the end of summer.  When I said that she laughed and said it had better be a lot sooner than that for my sake.  

We got the dildos today and there is a picture of me holding one.  She did promise that there would be no pictures of me using one online, but that there were certain skills that I needed to learn and I could learn them on the dildo or on Xiu.  I happily thanked her for letting me buy the dildo.  When I asked her where she wanted it to lead, she told me that she didn't know, but that just having to demonstrate my prowess with it would be plenty humiliating for me.  She's right.  The weather was nice on Sunday, but colder today.  If it warms up a bit, I'll probably spend my public time tomorrow outside.

Kathwyn: I have no ill will towards you.  I get your motivation here, but from everything I know a lot of your advice probably saved me from being put into worse situations.  If Colleen and Sheila go first and the instructor knows to expect Xiu and I, then it won't be as bad as it could be going in cold to a heterosexual dirty dancing class.  Xiu isn't happy you helped, but I get it.  No ill will here.

Sissy Emily: No Hello Kitty.  Being out in public went OK.  Sorry for the lack of suggestive smile, but I was kind of taken by surprise.  I have worn mostly the same styles of bra and panties, but I guess I'll add reviews when I get around to reviewing pantyhose.


  1. Nice job with the pantyhose can hardly notice them, unless those are your true bare legs, in any case that is a very good shave, what do you use for razors and cream?

    A dildo is a definate plus for you gurls over the real thing, keep looking at the bright side. You should name it though,the girls might also consider giving you a little more training with a strap on as well but that is entirely up to them. As for date nights go I would consider starting with a nice picnic in the park, maybe followed by a carriage ride or a movie sitting in the back of course ;-). Then round off the night with a fun little kereoke bar. Once you go on a couple dates I think the girls should give you two a good reward with a girls night out to a boy band concert.

    One more question I had was I was wondering what your songs were you in your girly mix?

  2. OMG, you look so adorable. I would totally walk up to you and hit on you in public if I saw you.