Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sorry for Delay

I was supposed to post yesterday, but the party ended Friday morning with just enough time to wash off the makeup and perfume, change clothes, and make it to my first class.  I was knocked out by Friday evening and didn't get a chance.

The party was humiliating and I had no real desire to watch the royal wedding, but on the other hand it was really kind of interesting.  It started at midnight and the wedding wasn't until 4AM so we had a lot of time to talk.   The girls gave us tasks to do like giving each other makeovers and doing some party games, but the most interesting part was talking.  The 5 of us share something that very few other people would really understand.  It was interesting to hear about Colleen growing up from Jill and to get to know Amber better.  I've learned never to even think of trying to overpower the girls especially if Heather was there and I learned about experiences that were common like that fear that everybody could see our bra the first time we wore it under our male clothes and things that were unique like Jill working at a bar.

Tonight is going to be a major night for Xiu and me. We're going out in public and I am pretty sure we're going to be demonstrating our new found skills.  I'm nervous about this as I'm definitely straight.  General consensus among the other gurls was that Colleen wouldn't take things to far, but that all bets were off where Xiu was concerned and that she better repent and fast.   I really need to talk with her.  Fighting this is sometimes worth it for your own self-respect, but constantly fighting gets you nowhere except in deeper.

Do any of you who have blogs know if there is a way to block a follower from your blog? 


  1. why would you want to block a follower from your blog, hun?


  2. Katie hun, I am also straight, and have also had a Mistress feminize me, and have me perform those same 'skills'. I've been set up on blind dates where it was understood that I would simply obey. And I did. And I'm still alive! lol. Hun, it's not that bad, just do it, get it done (the better you do the faster it will go...) and then be past it. It doesn't hurt, you will be just fine. Good luck.

  3. Try this link for ways to block follower:
    Hope it helps! :)

  4. I'm a little confused. You are suppose to be two inches taller than Cindy. The picture suggests the opposite is true.

  5. Katie what I think I like about you from the other gurls is that you are truly one of more optimistic sissies and always looking on the bright side of the isle instead of all doom and gloom. Good to hear you had some fun and got to know the other girls better with some quality bonding time. Anyway onething you might want to consider is with Mother's day coming you might want to maybe get something special for Colleen, maybe "like a mom" card or something and a nice gift "have fun with it be creative" you can hide this post if you want so that you can make all the other Mistresses jealous of Colleen and her sissy. After all with all her work and teaching she seems to have been like a mother and best friend to you.

    And as always have fun and keep up the good work,


  6. you should be able to block followers from your dashboard
    if you want to block peope from viewing try
    you can block entire countrys with a address listfrom
    or you can block a specific address or range.
    you can get around it with proxy or dynamic IP, but mostpeople aren't that bright

  7. you mind find this helpful in blocking any pestering or followers you have found to be underage, but if you allow anonymous posting I believe they will still be able to post anything .

    How to block a follower:


  8. Yes, you should really be thankful to your mistresses. Either they have taught you very well about makeup, or they are doing it for you and doing a wonderful job. All of the sissies take such nice pictures. It's nice to see Cindy again. Also loved the shot of you by the pool table. Were you and Xiu able to shoot partners with a couple of boys? Shooting pool is a pretty good way to tell if a guy likes you. Either he is standing behind you, helping you line it up and shoot, or when he shoots he is so distracted by you that he can't shoot straight. I suspect that is one of the fun things about being a girl. Trying to turn a guy's brain to mush. Guys like it too.

  9. Do the girls still wear pantyhose daily even in the summer, I love that idea so many women do .
    Did the girl who I suggested work at thee diner get her job back this summer, she should have to wear a tight girdle at wort with her pantyhose and learn what it`s like being a waitress.
    They all look beautiful wish I was there.