Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dating Practice

While Xiu and I are not bridesmaids, we will be attending the big wedding and as you might have guessed we'll be attending as dates.  The catch is both guys are bisexuals, but they are also friends of Wendy's and from everything I've been told absolute gentlemen.   We've been told we will be expected to flirt, dance, kiss, and hold hands and nothing more.   I don't deny that this is extremely difficult for me to get my head around, but Xiu is having a bit more trouble.  The fact that strict limits have been set and we don't have to worry about fooling our dates helps a great deal.  Colleen broke it to me slowly and told me that we would be very heavily chaperoned, but that she has met my date and he will be a perfect gentleman.

The above picture is from a practice date.  The guy actually went out with Jill and Cindy on a double date a few years ago so he knew what he was in for.  It is weird to put myself in a female role on a date and while I have no intention of making it a habit, I hope I learned a few things that will serve me well when I can go back to dating women.  Is that too cliche? 

Last weekend with Xiu was a pretty big culmination.   We've been told that things will calm down between us a bit, but last weekend, we were tied into the 69 position with our dildos strapped on and proceeded to have a competition.   I won as Xiu was just incapable of even going through the motions and while my practice date knew, hers did not.  

Don't expect to have quite as many postings from me this week, but expect them to have a lot of detail.  About the person I wanted to block---I'm in a weird position here.  My situation is non-consensual, but I realize it's consensually non-consensual.  If I could take these heels off right now I would, but I don't hate it enough to go through what I'd have to go through to end things.  In a lot of ways both Xiu and I deserve what happened to us and I'm at least trying to make it a positive experience.  However, there are certain things I find very objectionable and I can't see as shades of gray.  Somethings are just wrong and I got creeped out by a follower who is into stuff that I don't ever want associated with this blog.  I will be looking at the blocking options that many of you were very kind to send me.


  1. It's definitely good to hear you won't have to fool a guy under an already stressful situation for this weekends wedding, but I hope you have do try to just have fun. Once you start dancing and realize no one is noticing you as just another girl other than maybe some of wendy's family you will do just fine. I have to admit jaw not only dropped but dropped big time when I read the position that the girls tied you and Xiu in, she really needs to get with it and quit if not her sake but for yours as well. A position like that would be a mind blowing shock for any straight sissy to put in, I am really surprised no neither of you threw up especially Xiu. Stuff like might just push her over the edge so I really hope the girls or the other sissies were quick to have a heart to heart with each of you afterward, That can really damage someone mentally if not just for a little fun for the girls. So I really hope someone talked with you two about it afterwards. I mean I can understand just practicing on a dildo infront of the girls but tieing on a harness and strapping it onto you and Xiu is a whole different level. I just hope you got to talk to them about it.

    Anyway be brave girl, summer is almost here and I am sure you have a ton going on, I'm think you sissies and girls are also in the middle of finals so study hard and get an A to hang on that refrigerator in the sissy house. Plus I bet you already know that pretty soon they will be requiring you to look for a summer job, I would suggest asking Wendy to maybe be the sweep up girl and hair washer since you already know her.

    Have a fun weekend and study hard.

  2. glad to hear to wedding went well and you gurls had fun katie. I am sure have a double edged sword with the end of the semester right now, with that you will be free from TAing, but you will then be full time with the Mistresses. I was wondering if by chance during the big move it would be kind of nice to get a fun pic of you with a smile carrying your skirts and dresses and things on hangers through the room to your new digs

  3. oops that last clothes pic request was me jenny,
    forget to sign it off. by and have fun look at it this way you are 1/4 of the way there.