Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Home Sweet Home

The front of the new house, currently called Sigma Iota Sigma.  Our lease begins June 1st so we can't move in until then and we have a lot of packing, unpacking, painting, etc. when we move in.  I'm so sick of my job.  I definitely don't want to be a college professor when I'm out of here.  So much of the student work is so derivative and I've nailed about 8-10 for plagiarism.  We've been given a bit of permission to slack on some of our requirements, but not all of them.  I still need a summer wardrobe and it's kind of scary to think of spending 24/7 in skirts and heels.  I have a lot of personal shoppers advising me obviously, but just the thought of being totally femme 24/7 for the entire summer seems so huge.  I asked Colleen if I'd be in skirts and dresses the whole time and she told me no, we'd get me some short shorts too.  Not exactly the answer I was looking for.

I've been calling the numbers I got at the wedding.  We have a deal of call a guy, call a girl.  It's amazing how much slower things are with the girls.  Actually, I guess it's not.  With the guys I'm slowing them down, but with the girls they tend to be slowing me down.  The girls I've talked to have been really curious.  2 of them have been crossed off my list.  It's really hard to hit on a girl when she's asking you about what it's like wearing a bra (true story).

The new house has a ton of closet space, which will be needed with the 5 of us, but there's an extra closet being set aside for "naughty sissies".  I have no idea what the plan is, but I don't want to find out.  They want us to have headboards on all of our beds too and I have a pretty good idea what that's all about.  Anyway, I'll try and keep you posted, but if you don't hear much in the next few weeks, please be patient.  

I don't have time to go through all the questions, but somebody asked me about female mannerisms carrying over to male mode.  I was terrified of that, but I haven't had it happen to me too much.  Xiu on the other hand has several mannerisms.  It drives her crazy when I have to  remind her of how she's moving or speaking.


  1. You will remember this as the time of Your life ( along with marriage & child)

    Jill did this last summer, the always FEM role, right ?? amazing, You know that 90% + of the readers would trade places in a nano second ... to me this is like the most intense fantasy.
    and of course be very careful.
    Best wishes , love this story. Dolly

  2. Why not respond to a woman asking you about wearing a bra..... "How do you feel? To me, they are a little constricting, but they do the job." Of course, you could then ask: "turnabout is fun. Why not trying to unclasp a bra on someone else's back....?" Every time they ask you how strange your wardrobe is, you respond on how normal it is.... Let them try the masculine role and see how it is from the other side....

  3. glad to hear the Mistresses and you gurls are doing ok since I've been hearing so much about the bad tornadoes out there and the girls only Mentioning it's the Midwest I just hoped everyone was ok. I'm glad Colleen was lenient enough for you to at least get a couple dates with girls in, but I am sure it was indeed weird being in panties on a date and maybe the girl asking you what they looked like. Anyway thanks for the update Katie, it will be interesting to see what the rooms will be like when everyone finishes. their paint jobs and decorations. At least you will be in shorts, however I am sure you aren't looking forward to swimsuits and the semi-annual victoria secrets sale next month.


  4. You should definitely be very grateful to Colleen and the other Mistresses for letting you go out on dates with girls during your "learning experience" I believe you are the only sissy that has gotten to do this besides Cindy being Colleens gf/boyfriend not sure what she calls it, and I am sure the others are jealous that they let you get to do this so early in your training. Enjoy the rest you get with your time off from requirements, Which probably includes date night with Xiu. However It would be nice to sometime see a pic of you and Xiu having a a nice romantic candlelit dinner together or doing more poses together. I hope Xiu's old roommate stays in the pictures and still helps out once in a while, How are things going with Rebecca, has she become more of a mentor and girl friend for you two now rather than a Mistress?

  5. I LOVE that dress!

  6. Hi again Katie, just thought I'd write one more time before you shopping probably this weekend for the big sales, that you maybe try and look back on what looks and clothes that you have at least enjoyed wearing even though its consensually non consensual. The girls might even want to give you several choices for each outfit and let you choose which one you think fits you best. I also had one more question about restrictions and rules etc on what kind of rules and restrictions do they put on you for little things like driving, and if there is a Lady in the room do you have to ask permission to have or do certain things? Hope once you get your summer wardrobe and a bigger range of feminine lingerie we can get a review of what you think of the different brands and styles and which are your favorites.

    best wishes

  7. So, Katie, tell us more about the headboards! :)

    Are all five of you going to be living there, including Amber and Jill? I thought that Jill was no longer 24/7 in skirts?

  8. Katie

    I hope you've survived the end of the school year and I look forward to hearing the intimate details from the wedding

    I'm confident that all of you had a wonderful time