Monday, May 16, 2011

Hit On

Sorry, I've been away for awhile.  We all have so much to tell, but things are so hectic here.   I've gone so far past where I thought I'd go or be willing to go.   The bachlorette party was rowdy, in fact it was rowdier than either bachelor party I've been at.   It started with pole dancing and what we male bachlorettes lacked in flexibility we made up for in upper body strength and we did pretty well with some of the advanced things, but I have to admit have that many girls watch me trying to stride up to the pole in my most seductively feminine manner was making me really self-concious.

The wedding was a combination of celebrity and embarrassment.   We saw people constantly checking us out and some snickering, but most of the people were extremely open minded and all wanted to talk to us about our situation or just chat with us in general.  I laughed that I got 4 phone numbers from guys and 3 from girls during the weekend so it wasn't all bad.  A lot of guys danced with us at the wedding whether that was because they were put up to it, dared, tricked, or just felt like it I don't know.

The bachlorette party lasted til an early morning breakfast at 5AM.  I had a guy (pictured above) immediately make a bee line for me and I spent most of the night flirting with him.  I was warned before heading out that what Wendy said went since it was her big night and she was constantly encouraging me to flirt and eventually, we did wind up with some really deep kissing.  Having been on the other side, I know when you see a party like ours, you automatically try and see which of the girls are feeling lonely and amorous, but it was weird to be on the opposite end.   It didn't go too far at least.   I'll definitely have a lot to say when I have more time.


  1. Good Job Katie!
    Seven phone numbers! Sooo... how's it feel to be so popular? Was there anyone special you gave your phone number out to as well?
    I'm dying to hear how everything went!


  2. I love those heels... you look so beautiful... I am jealous....

  3. Well Katie with that dress and those heels a lot guys might say you were asking for it ;-). I am glad you had fun though at the wedding and bachlorette party and got to experience the other side, Colleen probably immediately confiscated the phone numbers of the 3 girls until she sees proper fit to use them. You and Xiu are going to have to get matching little pink books to keep a tall of all your phone numbers. I was wondering with a few months now gone by and some time to develop habits if when in guy mode you have and Xiu have accidentally called each other by your femme name instead of male or if you have found yourself turning to someone else called Katie or accidentally using your femme voice, and whether or not you have started to absent mindly twirl your hair when you bored thinking about stuff or window shop clothes etc both in shops and what you see on others. Also I was wondering what the story was that the girls gave to everyone on what your "situation" was.

    As a final note I bet you were appreciative of all the practice you had to go through with heels when you had to put on what looks like 6 inchers and perform in the wedding reception tripping it, your calfs must have been dead by the end of the night. I hope they let you take them off while dancing a least a little bit.

    Enjoy your semi free femme week for as long as you can, for I am sure you know that a lot will be changing probably from the second your last class ends.


  4. You look absolutely fantastic! Hope you had a wonderful time at the wedding. It's so special to be one of the bridesmaids and there is no doubt that you made her wedding very *special*. Did you have fun? pamela

  5. I am glad that you seem to have such a good time flirting and getting hit on. It must be really embarrassing to be around so many people who know about your situation and react by snickering.

    I am glad that you could see the upside.

    Will Colleen let you call any of those numbers? I know you are very intrigued by the idea of girls who want a sissy girlfriend. But what about a big, hunky guy who knows what you are and wants to have a little. Be open.


  6. So what did you do with the phone numbers? I presume both the guys and gals who supplied them would want you to dress in the style befitting an elegant lady.....

  7. Katie,

    Thank you for all your posts. I must say that you have become very beautiful. I honestly wish I could meet you and also be in your shoes. Take care.:) Danielle

  8. Can't wait for more stories and more pics. Hope there were a lot taken during the bachlorette party. You sure looked good in that little black dress. It also sounds like you're having fun with whats going on, Good for You. Looking forward to your next post.