Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wedding Dresses

I should have known this would happen when I didn't know what day it was.   Just before class this morning, Heather gave me a note telling me to stop by the Student Union after class today.  I really am starting to hate that Student Union.  When I got there Heather, Colleen, Kristine, and Sheila were waiting for me.   As I sat down, Colleen pushed a blue duffel bag over to me.  I knew what was in it before I even unzipped the bag.   They made it really clear that I needed to go in the bathroom and change.   I headed to one of the private bathrooms where despite shaking hands I put on a red sweater, black and red plaid skirt, black tights, and a pair of black boots which they must have removed from my closet earlier.   I did my best to makeup my face and I went out to find out that the reason I was out in public like this was because we would be going to the bridal shop.  When I was ready, Kristine came in and put my hair into a bun.

I really tried to talk my way out of it and started to back away, which didn't go over very well.   Heather was on me in a second and I soon found my hands cuffed behind me.  However, with 4 girls around me, it would have been pretty hard for anybody to get a view of it.  I was helped into the car, which took some doing.  I have only ridden in a skirt a few times so getting into a car in a short skirt without use of my hands was not easy.  I sat down in the backseat with Heather on one side of me and Colleen on the other.  Then Sheila pocked the truck--lucky for me she remembered there was duct tape back there.  A large piece soon covered my mouth, which pretty much ended my only means of complaint.  I could have gotten the tongue off with my lips and tongue, but it would have just been replaced with a lot more tape.

When we got there, I was asked if I'd behave and when I agreed, I was uncuffed and told to fix my lipstick, which I did.  The girls then let me into the bridal shop where were were greeted by two women. One only a little older than us named Chrystal and the other one about 28 name Katherine who was delighted that we had the same name.

They got a real kick out of what was going on and though a bridal party came in while we were leaving and they started acting more professional, before then I was constantly being called Princess.  She asked Colleen what they wanted and Colleen said they wanted a few pictures of me modeling wedding dresses.  They said that was fine if they didn't name the store or photograph either of them.  I tried on several dresses and pictures were taken.  Katherine probably talked herself into a sale eventually by showing them bridal corsets.   I didn't have to wear one, but Colleen really seemed intrigued.

I'm way behind on comments and questions.  I'll try and get to them soon.  

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm On Edge

I have an appointment with a wedding dress coming up this week, but I have no idea when it will be.  I can't help, but be scared to death of this.  Will there be others in the shop?  Regardless, the sales ladies will know that I'm a guy and it's for me.  I'm still determined not to make the same mistakes that the others make, but I am starting to hit a wall.  This has been going on for awhile and the daily routine of making sure my toes are painted, shaving, and then putting on my bra, panties, and hose is starting to wear on me.  I'm still practicing the skills that I have been told I better master, but I know those skills will open up deeper humiliations for me as I appear dressed in public and flirt with guys and possibly even get a job as a woman.

Cindy has assured me that this feeling will pass and that she hit the wall about 2 months in.  My experience is difference since they had control over me before they started feminizing me, but I am assuming that I am at a similar spot. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last Night and the Week Ahead

Every Saturday seems to escalate.   We had a bigger crowd than I was expecting as Kristine, Colleen, Heather, Sheila, Kristy, and Amanda were all there for at least part of the evening.  Xiu made us a romantic candlelight dinner and at least we were able to eat our pasta in peace.   What's really scary is that a few weeks ago both Xiu and I had long relaxing conversations with Amanda.   Nothing out of the ordinary, but they got rather detailed and intimate.  We both told her where we liked to be kissed, where we were sensitive, turn ons, things like that.   The problem is Amanda gave that information to each of us and told us to learn it.  I now know how Xiu likes to be kissed better than I do any girl I ever dated and he knows exactly where to kiss me as well.   The girls know too and make sure we do.  We also dress to please each other and wear perfume for the same reason.  They really are trying to get us to turn each other on I'm afraid.

We played a card game last night where we drew letters and then had to kick each other on a body part that began with that letter.   I panicked when I drew D and the girls were pressuring me to go quickly.  I was glad that I thought of dimples at the last second.  They tied us in a humiliating position that extended what they did the previous week.   We freaked out when they told us to lay on our backs and reach into each other's panties.   After grabbing each other down there our hands were tied into fists.   With our other limbs attached to the bed, we weren't able to really move, but every little movement that the other person's hand made were extremely noticeable. Somehow we did sleep through the night, but needless to say it was extremely embarrassing to wake up and have the covers removed.

Today Cindy, Jill, and Amber went for their bridal fittings.  While they were there, Colleen asked if another friend of hers could come in just to try on some wedding dresses.   Obviously the shop knew the truth about the three bridesmaids.  They asked if I was as passable as they were.   She told them that I looked just as good, but couldn't talk or move properly yet.   They suggested bringing me in later in the week when they'd be quiet and I wouldn't alarm any actual brides to be.   I guess it's tradition as all 4 of the others have posed in wedding dresses fairly early, but it's still kind of scary to me the idea of that which is the most feminine of all clothing.  Before you ask, I can assure you there will be photos taken if this happens.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Waiting for Nails to Dry

There's a decent view of my bedroom. They didn't do a total transform on it as I am only here another 2 months before moving into a house with the other sissies. I sure hope there's a sale on pink paint that week. The funny thing to me is that they kept my baseball hats.The bed didn't have a headboard originally.  They installed it just for a place to restrain me.  Fortunately, my bedroom is off limits to guests.  I keep the door closed and I blame the living room on my roommate who always was a bit artistic.  The problem is he's been in Japan for awhile and people who know me well know the changes were made after he left.  

Xiu and I have a friend named Rebecca.   I've read enough of the other blogs to know that simply by mentioning her people will be thinking future mistress, but she's not like that at all.  She's pretty cool and has known both of us since freshmen year.   She came over this afternoon just as I started painting my nails.  Fortunately, I was able to wipe off what I started before answering the door.  It was a good thing I had started because I was told to keep the polish on from yesterday until I did.  She managed to catch the window this afternoon when there was no polish.  

These Saturday afternoons are always tough because it's a lot like being a girl preparing for a date, except it's date night with Xiu.  I took a long bubble bath and shaved, I painted my nails, Kristine is coming over to help me with my makeup, which is getting better, but still not judged date worthy yet (any helpful suggestions?  I figure everybody who reads these blogs probably wears makeup for one reason or another).  She'll actually be here soon and I'm way behind on questions so without further ado or adieu?  I don't know which one it is.

Anonymous writes You met a girl with an unusual life style. She and her friends like their boyfriends to cross dress. You are in love, college is about experimenting and you have decided to go for it. Introduce them to Xiu. 

The problem is that my friends know Xiu already.  Rebecca for instance has noticed a change in both our appearances, but has put it down to trying to attract more women.  Xiu's change is more profound than mine as my eyebrows needed neatening anyway and I have the long hair.

Anonymous writes Does all this stuff ever arouse you sexually at all? If I looked in the mirror and saw that, I think I'd get excited. 

No, I can't say that looking cute as a girl isn't a sort of pride in a weird way and female attention is great, but the whole feminization thing doesn't make me think sexy, it makes me think hard work.

Kathwyn writes If they are serious about the dance lessons, try swing dancing. It's a lot of fun and most of us wear dance sneakers rather than heels. There is sure to be a big swing scene in your area.

No heels?  Sounds great, but I've seen how those girls get thrown and just how much leg gets shown when the skirts go flying.

Lisa said I guess you learned another lesson about disobedience. I said in an earlier comment I would date you, but I would also expect obedience, for which you would be suitably rewarded. 

OK, maybe I haven't always treated women as equals, but obedience?  I don't think I could be in a relationship where I had to be obedient.
Anonymous wrote Can we see a photo of you in your maid's outfit? I am glad you are helping out. Girls love a guy that does housework and it sounds as if the other girls need the help.

I know that there was one on Colleen's hard drive.   I'm sure you'll get to see another.   Cleaning up after the guys is so degrading.  I have come to realize that guys are pigs even when they think they are being neat.

Lesley Thanks for the compliment :).  I'm not really fond of the term sissy either, but that's what they call us.  I don't think it's meant to be pejorative so much as none of us are transgendered and only Jill and Cindy show any indication of dressing on their own.   Hmm, it occurs to me that they're the ones they started with.  I can't see dressing on my own, but I try not to make the same mistakes they made including saying, "I'll never do..."

Bill:  Pantyhose reviews will come soon.  I've already been told to take notes.   The best ones I've ever worn are Donna Karan, but they're a bit pricey.  I've been wearing mostly Hanes Silk Reflections, which fit OK.   I don't like L'eggs Sheer Energy.

Laura: Next week it's shaved smooth all over.   I am not looking forward to that change.  I hope that I will never get to the point of being incapable of looking masculine.

Sissy Emily I am very lucky they stayed around.  I couldn't untie those shoe laces and I couldn't slip my wrists out.  I couldn't figure out how to get out of that predicament and eventually I would have had to ask somebody for help.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I've gotten a lot of teasing from the girls about the montage they made of my pictures.  I think it's more embarrassing than having those posted as still pictures.   My apartment has been feminized too.  I'm not surprised, but it is really hard to get used to it.  Also, unlike some of the other sissies I still have people dropping by.  It's going to be damn hard to explain.  The living room looks like a girl lives here, though maybe with a guy.  The bedroom looks like the girliest girl ever lives here.

Colleen has basically instructed me that when I'm not out in public, I need to keep the breast forms in.   This is really weird for me.   The bra is one thing, but even now when I type, I look down and I see boobs.   I'm dressed like a guy right now, but I see boobs, and red fingernails.   I think I'm through the worst of it.  I don't think they can add any new lingerie, but wearing a bra in public is nerve racking.   I'm not really that changed in appearance as a guy other than having neater eye browns and neater hair.  The people who noticed have decided I've either gotten serious about a girl or am pursuing one.

A lot of the embarrassment about my situation is what happens spontaneously.   I walked by Karen and Heather in the union today and they stopped me.   Karen was painting her fingernails at the time and I was naturally leery.   Heather asked me if she could borrow my shoe laces and she said it in such a way that I knew it wasn't simply a request.  Sure enough, soon had me putting my hands out on the table for her.   It was a very noticeable dark red.  That's when I learned what the shoelaces were for.  Heather tied my wrists to the chair legs.  You couldn't really notice it  too much if you weren't looking for it, but they then told me if I got out I could probably wipe off the polish before it dried.   They went to the bookstore and left me there.  I started panicking as I saw that the polish was nearly dry.  15 minutes later I still wasn't out.   Nobody noticed, but they kept talking with me for another half hour or so.  Before we went our separate ways they gave me a copy of Cosmo.  I had to walk back to my place carrying the Cosmo, which meant one of my hands couldn't be in my pocket.  Again, I was scared to death, but didn't get caught or anything.  I asked Colleen and she said it was just my lucky day running into them.  She didn't plan it or anything.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Have Curves Now

My breasts and padded butt.  Unfortunately, Colleen was with me when they did and they haven't been off since.  I got to show them off to everybody.  I made a huge mistake and I'm worried about the consequences for me.  Originally, I was supposed to start wearing a bra daily this weekend.  I was supposed to have a week to get used to pantyhose first.  Unfortunately, after saying something stupid, I was stuck having to ask Colleen to please let me start wearing pantyhose on last Thurssday.  Tonight, Colleen informed me that I had my week and bras would start tomorrow.  I talked back to her and she told me one more word and I'd be wearing  C cups, 2 more words and I'd be wearing the forms too.  I shut up quickly, but I fear she's going to try and teach me a lesson.  I'm not even sure how to conceal a bra, though Cindy and Xiu both tell me it can be done.

I was surprised with the results of the survey so far.   It's not that I don't know there are women who like sissies.  I've seen Cindy use feminine wiles to seduce Colleen.  I get it.  I just expect they're far and few between.  Maybe not.  In any event many of you said nice things about me and I appreciate it.  I'm not going to quote comments because I have too many, but I do have some answers. 

Mary: I am surprised to find out that I do have nice legs.  I guess, they're just really long.  My inseam is 3 inches larger than my waist.

Anonymous:  I've started maid work for the mistresses here.  I don't think I want to be a submissive plaything for any woman, but at this point I can think of far worse fates.

Bill: When I posed the blog title I did notice the irony.   The white photo backgrounds come from taking out the background.  They did it to replace the background on my blog and I think they used a free website to do it, but I don't know which one.

Amy: I kind of rushed to put up the pull.  I guess that if you would date a guy like me in a dress or pants (yay!) than you'd select both you would go out with me and you'd go out with me, but keep me in dresses.  The poll was created to accept multiple answers.  I think you're right about the self-selecting nature of people reading the blog.  If you are repulsed by sissies, what are you doing here?  On the other hand, I really like to believe that there are this many women who are accepting of it.  Then again, I'm a little worried about the 6 who say they'd keep me tied up too and by the large number that one me to be the bride.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Feeling More Manly

Thanks Lisa and Kathwyn for your comments.  Even though I'm writing this in my new dress and heels and my nails are bright red as they hit the keyboard, it actually made me feel a bit more manly to know that I wasn't totally undesirable simply because of this experience.    It hasn't been a bad day except for having get dressed as soon as I got home and demonstrate my prowess with makeup (not so good) and walking (getting much better) for Colleen and several of the mistresses. 

Starting with your last questions first... Yes and Yes. And I don't think I'm the only one either. Ask Colleen and Kristine... or maybe use the poll to ask how many girls would date a guy in your situation.
I think you're assuming that I would think less of you because of what you are going through, but I don't. Being a girl is fun and if I thought less of you for wearing lingerie then I'd have to admit to thinking less of myself. On the contrary, after reading Jill and Cindy's early blogs I think this experience has made them better people than they were before and I have more respect for them.
As to what we'd talk about... I already love reading your posts and hearing about how you feel about what's going on. And I'm looking forward to hearing all about what you find out about yourself as you continue.
If I had to generalize I'd say guys like to talk about things and girls like to talk about people. The fact that you're going through this and are willing to blog so much about it makes you more interesting than 95% of the guys out there.

But don't take my word for things. I'm just some random from the internet. Ask the girls for an honest opinion. Ask them whether they think you'll be more attractive to women once they let you back into trousers and you have a better understanding of women and no longer dress like Mr. Scruffy.
Personally, I think you'll be enjoying the benefits of your residual hotness long after you've thrown out your last pair of pantyhose.


I think you've given me my next poll.  I'm supposed to change it weekly, so I think I'll run that starting tomorrow. I am relieved to know that you didn't think that just because I was wearing dresses now, I wanted to spend all my time talking about fashion.   There is some truth, I think, to your comments about what men and women talk about.  I'm blushing about the 95% comment.  

Yeah, you're a random from the internet and probably not the best source of honest opinion, but I also don't trust the girls to give me the unvarnished truth.  I know that Xiu warned me about that.   They want to feminize us more and if that means convincing us that what girls want is guys who can gracefully dance in high heels, they'll try.   I dream of that day, but I think unless I come up with something very clever, they'll be keeping me in pantyhose for some time.

If anybody on Twitter ever wants to chat, my Twitter account is @Coedkatie.  Mostly I'm just following fashion brands, magazines, and makeup now.  I see only 12% thought that making me walk across the Student Union in heels was too severe so I won't even ask about having to sleep with Xiu.  Most readers said the humiliation was just something I had to get used to.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Things are calming down a bit today.   Of course, doing my job in pantyhose still makes me nervous, but Colleen seems very happy with me after my performance this weekend.   She did tell me Amanda and Sheila took things further than she would have with how we were tied, but also admitted that she found it kind of amusing.   Colleen definitely has plans for me that's clear.  She's already been talking to me about Summer clothes, but she also told me that she enjoys being spontaneous and making it up as she goes along.

It seems that you girls are going through so much just to prevent your relationship from going to its logical conclusion--Tommy

I'm straight.  No matter how Xiu looks, she's still a guy.   They have very little sympathy for Xiu in this area because of his "crimes against women".  They have only slightly more sympathy for me because I was willing to overlook them.

Now that you know you are going to be a girl for awhile, have you thought about having your legs waxed?

That's been a threat if I fail to keep my legs hairless, but that sounds painful.  I think I'll stick with shaving.

I have to say that if I was on your campus I would have a hard time leaving you alone. You'd be fun to tease and I could talk to you about things I'm interested in rather than listening to guy stuff or indulging in the usual awkward "between the sexes" dialog. With the girls' help this could be a lot of fun for you and you could come out of this, if not with a girlfriend, then with a lot of girl friends that you would not have had otherwise. Kathwyn

What kind of stuff that you're interested in?  I don't know that I would want to sit around discussing hemlines or something.  Also, this is going to make it really hard to have a girlfriend when she sees me removing my lingerie so we can get intimate.  You might find a guy in my situation interesting, but would you actually date one? Sleep with one?

Sunday, March 20, 2011


 I imagine at least a few of you were wondering how everything went yesterday.  It was a lot like last Saturday in that I was extremely humiliating and also exhausting to the point that I was feeling very worn out when it was over.   Things began at Wendy's salon before normal business hours.  I know things would be very difficult when she asked me if I would be a good girl or if I needed to be ziptied to the chair--she wasn't joking either.  I told her I'd be a good girl.  She informed me that she would just neaten things up and give me a bit of body.  She also informed me that since coworkers may arrive early I would need to look appropriate.   I kept on the clothes I was wearing, but added a stuffed bra and she applied makeup.   She was excited about my hair and told Colleen that she wished Cindy's hair would get to my length soon. 

When we left the salon, I still had shopping ahead of me.   I mentioned before that it seemed like all the sissies made the same mistake and it was one I didn't want to make---believing they looked male far longer than they did.  The problem is I still don't pass.  I was given a choice of leaving the makeup and bra or switching back.  I figured I looked enough like a girl that that was the less embarrassing way to go, but I was scared to death because of my voice and movements.  I would not have tried it in a dress and heels.

Colleen gave me instructions telling me she was very proud of me and that I made the right choice because I would be trying a few things on. She told me to follow all instructions to the letter and after transferring my wallet and a lipstick into a purse, she wished me luck. I walked over to Bebe and found my penpal salesgirl.  She was happy to see me back and complimented me on my appearance.  She told me that I had instructions inside the dressing room.  I looked at her expectantly waiting for her to get them and she told me to pick out 3 dresses that I liked to try on.  I put on the first dress and stepped out and she complimented me right away on my pantyhose encased legs.  She made me try on all three dresses before telling me that she never said they were in her dressing room.  She then had me purchase the dress that I liked best.  I was thrilled the store wasn't crowded.

She sent me on the way and suggested I try on two tops and two skirts I liked from Charlotte Russe.  One of her friends took me to the dressing room and sure enough there were directions in there telling me to pick up a lipstick and matching nail polish at Sephora before finding something sexy for Xiu at Victoria's Secret.  Of course the salesgirl made me pick a top and skirt and rung me up for it.  I went to Sephora and when I got there I had to literally find a lipstick and match it up to the nail polish shades before leaving. 

The Victoria Secret sales girl recognized me immediately and kept taking pains to say how much my girlfriend would like her lingerie.   I went home and put on my new dress and used my new lipstick and nail polish.  Xiu and I had a candlelight dinner of chicken dijon and some wine before  Sheila and Amanda came over to "chaperon".   We danced with each other awhile before changing into our lingerie.  Amanda helped me change and sprayed me liberally with my new perfume while Sheila did the same to Xiu.  Then we held hands and made small talk before Xiu and I took turn writing messages Sheila and Amanda gave us on each other's back and trying to guess what was being written.    Finally, the girls told us it was time for us to get to bed. 

Rather than handcuffs or some elaborate bondage, they each had exactly one piece of clothesline.  We got in and laid on our backs rather than hugging each other, which sounded great to me.  Sheila took my right wrist and tied one loop around it.  She then yanked on the rope as she tied the rope through Xiu's panties and to his right leg.   Xiu's left leg was tied the same way.   The effect was to pull our wrists tight so that they would be inside the other's one's panties resting right on their penis.   My right wrist was then tied to his and his left was tied to mine.  We could have easily gotten out of the bondage except that it would cause our hands to move back and further over each other's penis and we weren't willing to let that happen, so we tried to sleep really still.  There were no accidents, but it was a very nervous sleep all night.

Friday, March 18, 2011

More on Pantyhose

OK, I got several more questions about pantyhose.  I'll do my best to answer them.   Don't expect an update tomorrow as I have that shopping to do and then a "lesbian date night" with Xiu.  I understand he has bought me lingerie, perfume, and a surprise and I'm going to return the favor.  I had a girlfriend who wore Beautiful by Estee Lauder and I used to really like that fragrance.  I guess that will be Xiu's smell now.  I got inspected today 3 times by girls checking that I had my pantyhose on.  I'm glad I passed.  I will feel very nervous shopping tomorrow.

Charmane: To be honest, I don't really know how the pantyhose are supposed to fit.  The first time I wore them, I was given a pair of Cindy's.  She's taller than me, but my legs are longer.  I am wearing normal size CD in Hanes Silk Reflections.   Your assignment was a lot like what I'm going through.   As much as they enjoyed embarrassing me, having the girls with me made it a lot easier to bring up my feminine purchases.  I wish you hadn't mentioned keeping a spare pair with me.  That's a new rule now.

Laura Asked: How was your first day in pantyhose ? How do you feel knowing you are required to wear them every day from now on ? Do you think you will be required to wear ballet flats or other girls shoes with you pantyhose anytime soon ? Have you given ant thought as to how your going to feel having your legs put on display this spring in shorts and pantyhose for all the girls on campus to see ?

I'd love to say it was easy, but every time I moved I could feel them and I was embarrassed and I felt like everybody knew when they saw me.  Everyday seems like such a long time and just like they checked on me keeping my heels on they're checking on the panythose.  I'm sure women's shoes are coming, but I hope they'll be masculine looking.   I have no intention of wearing shorts when in male mode this summer.  Girls knowing about this is much more embarrassing for me than guys.  Most of the other sissies are the opposite based on our conversations.


Thursday, March 17, 2011


 I had one of those discussions with Colleen today that I tried to avoid because I can't want. She asked me if I had enough pantyhose in case I ran a pair when I started wearing them everyday tomorrow.  I told her I didn't want to wear pantyhose and than in my brief experience they were a colossal pain.   She asked me if I was sure I didn't want to obey her and wear pantyhose.  I had visions of what she might do if I said I didn't so I told her roboticly that I wanted to do as she said and wear pantyhose.  She asked me if I really wanted to and I said yes.  Then she said, well if you really want to you'll ask me if you can start wearing them this afternoon.  I didn't have a lot of choice.  I'm not in pantyhose for the foreseeable future except when I'm sleeping.   She said she'd make an exception when she thought that my outfit would look better without pantyhose or when I wore a garter belt.   I'm stuck.  

Mary Asks:
Your Mistresses want us to ask more questions, and I have one. Does dressing sexually excite you at all? Judging by the look on your face, I imagine that it does even if you're too embarassed by it to admit to it.

I am not excited by wearing women's clothing. 

Also, once your Mistresses get you talking to boys and dating, how far are you going to go with a guy? 
I won't say never because the sissies sure look stupid everytime they do it, but I can't see going pass kissing honestly.

Anonymous Asks:
Do you feel any good feelings when the girls dress you? Have you been tied up yet? Did you know you had such a great smile? Talk the mistresses into a short movie of you walking so we can see your progress. -

The attention is nice and I'm kind of interested in how much of a girl I look, but no.  This isn't my own particular kink.   I've been tied up quite a few times.   If you see pictures of me outside with snow on the ground and can't see my hands, it's because they're tied.  Heather tied me up just to show me how quickly she could make me helpless and they've done it either to exert their dominance or force Xiu and I to play with each other.  I've always received compliments on my smile, but I've never done it much.   Unlike Xiu I've never seen the reason to fight over the smile.  If they already have you posing in a dress and heels, you don't stop them from making you look sissy by pouting.

This weekend, I need to go shopping on my own.  I'm supposed to get perfume and maybe a babydoll or a teddy for Xiu.  They also want me to shop with some of the salesgirls I met last weekend.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Catastrophe for Colleen

Kristine and Colleen's computer has crashed and crashed in a bad way.  Along with it were most of the pictures of me as well as their account information.  They were relying on a cookie that was stored in their computer.   Colleen is fit to be tied and I'm doing my best to be on my best behavior to avoid feeling the brunt of it, but I did feel just a bit of righteous glee over the loss of some pictures I'd rather never see the light of day.

The last couple of days have meant an awful lot of practice.   Wearing heels simply confirms my astonishing lack of grace, while I have the makeup skills of a 7 year old.   Cindy and Xiu have both told me that I'll be as good as any girl I know by May and better by Summer, but that sounds like a lot of work. 

I had a few questions and part of the reason for this blog according to Colleen is to answer questions, so here goes:

We need to know more about you.

What are your vital statistics. Height,weight, waist (with and without the cinch.) That stuff.

All we really know is that you are a C cup ( an A if you are trying to pass as a guy)

5'11" and 142 pounds.  I have a 33 inch inseam and a 30 inch waist, a 38 inch chest, and 32 inch hips.  With a cincher, breast forms, and padded panties, they can get me to 38C-28-36.   Wow, it's embarrassing to right my measurements that way.

Do you live alone? Have you dressed before? Do you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend? 

I have a roommate who is in Japan of all places for a semester abroad.   He says he is safe in Nagoya, but the Earthquake shook his building for a minute and it was scary as all Hell.  My apartment is supposedly getting a makeover since he's not around--I've been told that they hope I like pink, purple, and Justin Beiber--groan.  I got forcibly dressed when I was 10 by another 10 year old and her 12 year old sister, but that is the only time I've worn a dress.   Girls have been constantly playing with my hair since I decided to let it grow long though.  I am straight and I don't have a girlfriend.  I have been threatened with my ex seeing pictures of me, but told it wouldn't happen if I cooperated.

We've included a poll on my blog.   The idea is that it'll be updating all the time.  The first question is whether or not my punishment the other day was too severe. I have a feeling I know how this will end.

Monday, March 14, 2011


You've seen a lot of pictures of me all dressed up, but before yesterday I never kept anything on longer than a few minutes.  Yesterday was the first time I had to stay fully dressed for the entire day.  I was warned to make sure my makeup was perfect and to touch it up if needed--not like I could, but I know enough to at least be able to fix my lipstick.   I was also warned to make sure my heels stayed on all day and this is where I got busted.  After a couple of hours my feet started to hurt and by hour four I couldn't take it anymore.  I got busted by Colleen and Kristine around 6PM and when I asked if I was going to be punished she said "of course.  All in good time."   I thought I had dodged a bullet---not at all.

This morning before I began my 8 AM class, Heather came up to me and told me her boyfriend had dropped off a package for me in the men's room and if I hurried quickly it was still there taped behind the toilet in the 2nd stall.   I raced into the bathroom and found it fortunately empty.  It is a small bathroom with 3 urinals and 2 stalls, but it does get traffic.  I took the bag and found a brand new pair of Sheer Energy pantyhose in my size with a note that said to put them on.   Sitting in the stall, I tried my best to quickly and stealthily put on the pantyhose without being discovered.  There was also a bottle of nail polish, which I took with me.

When I got back to the classroom, there was Heather in the 3rd row with a big smile on her face.   After class was mercifully over she went up to me and reached under my pant leg to feel that I had the pantyhose on and said, "Oh silky.  Did you shave this morning?"  I admitted I did.  It was already my first day wearing panties to class so I was terrified.  She told me to follow her.  She led me down to the basement not far from the student union where their are private one person bathrooms and told me to paint my toes because Amanda would check before my 10:00 class.   I did as I was told and though there were several knocks on the door, I managed to get my nails painted and dried, the panythose put back on, and my regular clothes too.

I went to the student union, but couldn't concentrate.   The pantyhose under my jeans were definitely something I could feel every time I moved.  I met Amanda right outside the class that was scheduled to start at 10AM.  We went into an empty class room and she made me take off my shoes and socks so that she could get a good look at my feet.  She wasn't satisfied when I just took off my left shoe and wanted to see both.   She then proceeded to trade me my socks for a peach A cup bra, that I had to put on under my sweatshirt.  I was very thankful my jeans came down and covered my pantyhosed ankles, but I was very scared sitting down. 

After class, Amanda led me to the student union where Colleen, Kristine, and Heather were all sitting in a back corner rather far away from anybody.   Amanda and I bought lunch and went to sit down and I was allowed the spot in the corner out of sight.  We made small talk as we ate and then Colleen asked me if I was sorry I disobeyed her.  I apologized knowing that I would lose any argument here.  She then asked me to remove my shoes.  I started to plead, but was told it'd make a scene if they took them and I was out of view from everybody where I was.  I complied and then Colleen gave me the same strappy pair of heels that I had got in trouble for removing yesterday.  They exposed my toes, which meant my pantyhose and painted toes were on display.   Kristine and Heather got up and Kristine took my gym shoe in put it in the bathroom I had used earlier, while the other one was taken across the student union. and placed next to the Subway.  I begged not to have to do this, but the girls told me not to disobey Colleen and I wouldn't have to do it again.   I didn't see a lot of options.  As my heels clicked and clacked across the floor, I got a lot of giggles and a lot of laughing.  At least a few people I know saw me.   I'm sure I can write this off as a prank, but I was so humiliated.  The distance across the union felt like miles.

Colleen is different than the other mistresses.  I thought on the rare chance I got caught, I'd be tied up or something.  This was tough and while I'm not ruined or exposed I was sweating and my heart was beating a mile a minutes when I finally got my shoes.  

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Toughest Day Yet

 We shopped until we dropped yesterday.  I spent over $200 of my money and Colleen was closer to $1000 getting me the basics and she told me we're not even close to ready.  Cindy is really the only sissy whose clothes I fit and even then it's not a great fit on most things so we're buying a lot of new stuff.   It was embarrassing.  Some of the girls that waited on us, I swore I recognized from school and Colleen didn't let me say anything was for her.  I had to admit that the purchases were for me.   At Victoria's Secret and at Bebe the salesgirl recognized the girls and asked if I was "the new girl".  That really didn't save me from embarrassment as the girls looked me over and said they bet I prettied up nice.  I had to send the girl from Bebe a thank you and attach a few pictures of myself.  When I was asked what my cup size would be, I turned bright red.  I had to try on things in Bebe and I had to try on things at Wild Pair, but they were nice and didn't make me try dresses in any of the other stores, though I think that was only because Forever21 was crowded.

That's my new dress, shoes, and waist cincher with Jill's breast forms and padded panties.   I was taken to model my new purchases for the girls, but it soon became a full fledged fashion show.  My own boobs and panties are in the mail.   Those are Bs, I'm going to be wearigs Cs, but I also had to buy A cups to be worn when I'm dressing like a guy.   Male underwear is a thing of the past.  I gave them to colleen and had them replaced with my new panties, bras, and hose.  

After the fashion show, I was put in a green dress.  It turns out it was a Heather's prom dress and though it's short on me, it fit OK.  I was then taken over to Xiu's.  She was also dressed in a prom dress.  We were then told to sit on the couch and watch Twilight.  Any time characters in the movie kissed we kissed.  After the movie, it was getting late and Heather, Sheila, and Amanda showed up and told us to go into the Xiu's bedroom dressed just as we were.  We were told to close our eyes and give each other a big hug and a kiss and hold it for 15 seconds.   We did and about 5 seconds into the kiss, I felt handcuffs being snapped on my wrists.  The same thing happened to Xiu leaving us locked in hugging position.  They then applied lipstick to each of our lips.  It turned out to be long lasting and designed not to come off while kissing. We were then guided into bed and had our ankles tied intertwined with each other.  They told us if we didn't want to spend the day together in bed, we needed to have it all kissed off by morning.   The worst part was it was dark so we had no idea when we were done and it is extremely hard to get this lipstick off.   They put on the baby monitor and told us they'd be listening in the other room and they expected to hear a lot of bedroom talk.  So we put on a show like one of those old radio dramas.   They left about 10 minutes after doing this, gave the keys to Kristy and told her to let us know they were gone before she went to bed.  

Today I'm back in a dress.  I've only worn these clothes to pose for pictures before.  Nothing long lasting--just take a pic and put my own clothes back.   This is really a struggle for me right now.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shopping Trip

Reading the old blogs, I've discovered several of the sissies making the same mistake.   They decided to try and maintain their masculinity by shopping with the girls dressed as a guy and then were embarrassed as they were subjected to the public humiliation of trying things on and having the sales girl know they were buying things for themselves.  Unfortunately, I don't have a choice.  I can't walk in heels.  I don't move, walk, act, or talk like a girl and I would draw more attention to myself if I went out stumbling around clumsily dressed up.  I've been assured that if I cooperate it will still be very embarrassing, but if I fight it, I'll be sitting at a makeup counter or walking around as a male, but in 4 inch heels.  When they put it that way, I guess I can behave.

I believe I'm going with Kristine and Colleen and possibly Sheila.   Colleen is rich, but she still wants me to contribute to my own feminization.  This will be a long day.  I know I have to get pantyhose, panties, bras in both A and C cup, and a couple dresses as well as makeup.   I guess surviving today will be one of the biggest challenges I'll face.  

Friday, March 11, 2011

I Got Mad

I said, I wasn't going to get mad.  I've tried to learn from the lessons of the other sissies, but today was pretty infuriating.  I was sitting in the student union doing some reading and finishing up a cheeseburger, when Colleen and Kristine come by and start making small talk.  It isn't long before they notice me checking out a girl and they ask me if I like her breasts.  They then ask me if I want mine to look like hers.  They then start point out girls around the room asking me if I want my breasts to look like theirs.  I then feel my crotch getting damp and I look down to see that Kristine has squirted me below the table with perfume and quite a bit of it.  They then won't leave until I applied Colleen's lipstick to my own lips using a mirror.  I didn't really attract any attention, but I was mortified.  I couldn't wait to run to the men's room and wipe it off.

When I got back from home, there was a voice mail from Colleen telling me to make sure I had plenty of money for our shopping trip tomorrow.  I called her to tell her she said I only had to buy panties, but she told me that she had only said I would only have to wear panties next week and that I needed a couple dresses, heels, makeup, bras, panties, pantyhose, and a some accessories.  Already in a bit of a bad mood, I called her a bitch. 

Colleen, Amanda, and Heather came over here tonight and proceeded to make me over.  I've spent the evening at home all made up in a little black dress and unable to go out without keeping the dress on.  I watched Diners, Drive Ins, & Dives---not much of a Friday night.   I feel stupid, for getting angry.

I have enabled anonymous commenting if you tried before and couldn't post.  I still can't get used to shaving my body in the morning.  It's going to mean getting up early every day.  If you are on Twitter, my account is @CoedKatie.   Feel free to Tweet me any questions you may have.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's Been Done

There seems to be a pattern here.  The first thing I'm supposed to do is whine and complain about my situation and then act shocked at a) how I look and b) that they dare do this to me.  I then talk about how this won't last more than a week.  I really can't blame Xiu, Cindy, Jill, or Amber for this.  I read all their diaries and I believe they all thought that they were the only one going through it.

Colleen is like a kid in a candy store with me and as she explained, "Cindy was already done before I got to play with her."  She wants the fun of taking me from guy to girl and starting from scratch.  She couldn't even wait for the voting to end when it was supposed to on Sunday.  Instead, she promised me if I begged her to start on me early, she would go gentle and when the person making this offer is brandishing a green mini dress, a huge coil of rope, and an 85% lead in the vote--you make the deal.

You may have noticed that in my previous pictures I always had heavy tights on.  My body hair is now shaved off my legs and underarms, with more to follow.  I'm a naturally hairy guy so this will be a daily process.  All day, the lack of leg hair has been very noticeable even under my jeans.  I got a major makeover last night and posed for more pictures.   Colleen has warned me, that she intends to make me a real girly girl.  She told me that when she's done with me, I'll go weeks without wearing pants.  I'm scared, I'm nervous, and yeah I'm mad, but I also see how the people ahead of me have done and I'm not going to do the exact same thing that didn't work for them.  So how about I ask the questions for a change?

1.  Why did you vote to have me feminized?  Yeah, I did attempt to interfere with their attempts to feminize Xiu and I'm not a huge guy and I have long hair, but I think I was the only one who voted for let him go.
2.  You've seen the other sissies go through this.  What should I watch out for?  I've read their blogs so I know a lot of what's coming.  I kind of worry Colleen may be the strictest of all of the mistresses.