Friday, March 11, 2011

I Got Mad

I said, I wasn't going to get mad.  I've tried to learn from the lessons of the other sissies, but today was pretty infuriating.  I was sitting in the student union doing some reading and finishing up a cheeseburger, when Colleen and Kristine come by and start making small talk.  It isn't long before they notice me checking out a girl and they ask me if I like her breasts.  They then ask me if I want mine to look like hers.  They then start point out girls around the room asking me if I want my breasts to look like theirs.  I then feel my crotch getting damp and I look down to see that Kristine has squirted me below the table with perfume and quite a bit of it.  They then won't leave until I applied Colleen's lipstick to my own lips using a mirror.  I didn't really attract any attention, but I was mortified.  I couldn't wait to run to the men's room and wipe it off.

When I got back from home, there was a voice mail from Colleen telling me to make sure I had plenty of money for our shopping trip tomorrow.  I called her to tell her she said I only had to buy panties, but she told me that she had only said I would only have to wear panties next week and that I needed a couple dresses, heels, makeup, bras, panties, pantyhose, and a some accessories.  Already in a bit of a bad mood, I called her a bitch. 

Colleen, Amanda, and Heather came over here tonight and proceeded to make me over.  I've spent the evening at home all made up in a little black dress and unable to go out without keeping the dress on.  I watched Diners, Drive Ins, & Dives---not much of a Friday night.   I feel stupid, for getting angry.

I have enabled anonymous commenting if you tried before and couldn't post.  I still can't get used to shaving my body in the morning.  It's going to mean getting up early every day.  If you are on Twitter, my account is @CoedKatie.   Feel free to Tweet me any questions you may have.

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