Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wedding Dresses

I should have known this would happen when I didn't know what day it was.   Just before class this morning, Heather gave me a note telling me to stop by the Student Union after class today.  I really am starting to hate that Student Union.  When I got there Heather, Colleen, Kristine, and Sheila were waiting for me.   As I sat down, Colleen pushed a blue duffel bag over to me.  I knew what was in it before I even unzipped the bag.   They made it really clear that I needed to go in the bathroom and change.   I headed to one of the private bathrooms where despite shaking hands I put on a red sweater, black and red plaid skirt, black tights, and a pair of black boots which they must have removed from my closet earlier.   I did my best to makeup my face and I went out to find out that the reason I was out in public like this was because we would be going to the bridal shop.  When I was ready, Kristine came in and put my hair into a bun.

I really tried to talk my way out of it and started to back away, which didn't go over very well.   Heather was on me in a second and I soon found my hands cuffed behind me.  However, with 4 girls around me, it would have been pretty hard for anybody to get a view of it.  I was helped into the car, which took some doing.  I have only ridden in a skirt a few times so getting into a car in a short skirt without use of my hands was not easy.  I sat down in the backseat with Heather on one side of me and Colleen on the other.  Then Sheila pocked the truck--lucky for me she remembered there was duct tape back there.  A large piece soon covered my mouth, which pretty much ended my only means of complaint.  I could have gotten the tongue off with my lips and tongue, but it would have just been replaced with a lot more tape.

When we got there, I was asked if I'd behave and when I agreed, I was uncuffed and told to fix my lipstick, which I did.  The girls then let me into the bridal shop where were were greeted by two women. One only a little older than us named Chrystal and the other one about 28 name Katherine who was delighted that we had the same name.

They got a real kick out of what was going on and though a bridal party came in while we were leaving and they started acting more professional, before then I was constantly being called Princess.  She asked Colleen what they wanted and Colleen said they wanted a few pictures of me modeling wedding dresses.  They said that was fine if they didn't name the store or photograph either of them.  I tried on several dresses and pictures were taken.  Katherine probably talked herself into a sale eventually by showing them bridal corsets.   I didn't have to wear one, but Colleen really seemed intrigued.

I'm way behind on comments and questions.  I'll try and get to them soon.  


  1. Katie, very nice picture. From the picture no one would know you're not a girl. If your voice and moves improve, this whole thing is no big deal. Did they really need the cuffs? Bill

  2. Who cares about wedding dress photos? Where are the ones of you dressed like a school girl?

  3. I know you probably didn't like the feeling of being dressed all up and being feminized honey but believe it or not a lot guys would really like to have a girl help them discover their feminine side more and take them shopping I know that even though I am 5 years out of college and 28 I would have loved to meet someone who would have helped me discover this and still hope to meet someone who will understand. Just have fun with it sweety and remember if you read Jill's blogs a lot of girls now would be very supportive of your change. Just have fun with it dear and see what you can find out on the other side.

  4. I'm with Kathwyn on this - if the sales girls were ok with this, then it was (from their perspective) a harmless bit of fun. Not a biggie, from their point of view.

    So, I'll re-iterate: practice taking deep, deep breaths!

  5. Katie

    You look good, I wish I did half as good as you do in drag, anyways you have the support of some amazing ladies to learn, which is awesome, even though i know you don't enjoy it, all i can say is take it as a adventure while you can, if you were working there is no way to pull this off, but you can for now.

  6. Mary, she's 5'11. The world's biggest school girl. Oh wait, that would still be hot. Bill

  7. Princess

    I have to agree with emily on this one. There are so many other girls that would trade places with you in a heartbeat. As Charmane points out; take deep breaths, relax and enjoy this feminine experience


  8. Well i would hope we get to see some more pictures of your lovely-ness in both the School girl and the wedding dress.

    I would also hope you are appreciative of all the Hard work and Efforts the Girls are putting into your Transformation and training!!

    Curious i am to know as to the Girls have held above you or used to "force" you into this... Or like many would suspect you "love" and "adore" the attention and transformation. Soon to love the "forced" sexual congress between you and xiu.



  9. I am beginning to feel bad for you - you seem genuinely confused. you say that you want to learn from the other girls' experiences but once again you had to be handcuffed.

    More importantly, you still are fighting the blossoming of your relationship with Xiu. You know where it is going - stop resisting.

    Tell the mistresses that you decided that you want to be a lesbian. For now you want to be with Xiu but eventually hope to attract a real girl that likes girls like you.

    What is the choice? If you are not with Xiu, won't they make you date a real guy? I can imagine you all gussied up in some hunky guys lap, trying to convince him that no means no. I would bet that, at that point you will regret not being more in tune with Xiu.

    Xiu will give in and will thank you.

    Is tonight date night? Make the most of it. Give in. Enjoy!


  10. Katie, you look wonderful, but i have a question for you. You say that wearing female clothes does not turn you on. What I am wondering is if you are required to wear a bra and panties and pantyhose all day and you don't have a girlfriend then you must at some point masturbate. I mean, you've been under the girls' control for quite a while now and I'm sure that at some point you've been horny enough to jerk it. So, what is it like humping your hand while wearing panties and a bra??? Does it distract you or does it turn you on just a little bit/??