Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last Night and the Week Ahead

Every Saturday seems to escalate.   We had a bigger crowd than I was expecting as Kristine, Colleen, Heather, Sheila, Kristy, and Amanda were all there for at least part of the evening.  Xiu made us a romantic candlelight dinner and at least we were able to eat our pasta in peace.   What's really scary is that a few weeks ago both Xiu and I had long relaxing conversations with Amanda.   Nothing out of the ordinary, but they got rather detailed and intimate.  We both told her where we liked to be kissed, where we were sensitive, turn ons, things like that.   The problem is Amanda gave that information to each of us and told us to learn it.  I now know how Xiu likes to be kissed better than I do any girl I ever dated and he knows exactly where to kiss me as well.   The girls know too and make sure we do.  We also dress to please each other and wear perfume for the same reason.  They really are trying to get us to turn each other on I'm afraid.

We played a card game last night where we drew letters and then had to kick each other on a body part that began with that letter.   I panicked when I drew D and the girls were pressuring me to go quickly.  I was glad that I thought of dimples at the last second.  They tied us in a humiliating position that extended what they did the previous week.   We freaked out when they told us to lay on our backs and reach into each other's panties.   After grabbing each other down there our hands were tied into fists.   With our other limbs attached to the bed, we weren't able to really move, but every little movement that the other person's hand made were extremely noticeable. Somehow we did sleep through the night, but needless to say it was extremely embarrassing to wake up and have the covers removed.

Today Cindy, Jill, and Amber went for their bridal fittings.  While they were there, Colleen asked if another friend of hers could come in just to try on some wedding dresses.   Obviously the shop knew the truth about the three bridesmaids.  They asked if I was as passable as they were.   She told them that I looked just as good, but couldn't talk or move properly yet.   They suggested bringing me in later in the week when they'd be quiet and I wouldn't alarm any actual brides to be.   I guess it's tradition as all 4 of the others have posed in wedding dresses fairly early, but it's still kind of scary to me the idea of that which is the most feminine of all clothing.  Before you ask, I can assure you there will be photos taken if this happens.



  1. So how does it feel to have another sissy's dick in your hand?

  2. Sounds like another exciting evening, I am sure you will enjoy trying on all the different wedding dresses. Maybe you and Xiu should start thinking of what your song should be and for next week's pool put the top 4 or 5 choices on as the poll and let the readers decide.

    Also a good website to chat with other sissies is mrs-silk/avchat There are some pervs there to who just want to take advantage of the sissies for their own pleasure but for the most part a lot of the girls just want to chat or role play a little.

  3. I assume that "kick each other" was a Freudian slip, n'est-ce pas?

    I find it increasingly hard to believe that you and Xiu can actually sleep under those conditions, let alone go without any embarrassing nocturnal incidents. But, hey, the longer you can keep it up, more of a tease it is for all concerned!

    Good luck with your wedding dress session! I think that you'll survive.

  4. When the mistresses first started dressing you tights seemed to be the standard attire. Now that your legs are smooth and you have experienced pantyhose do you have a preference for either ? What is your favorite color of tights and why ? I hope we all get a chance to see more of your fantastic leggs in tights, I think white would be very girly on you, wouldn't you agree ?

  5. I agree with everyone else. Your legs are fantastic. I can't wait to see you in a maid's uniform.

    I love the shoes. Where did they come from and what size do you wear?