Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shopping Trip

Reading the old blogs, I've discovered several of the sissies making the same mistake.   They decided to try and maintain their masculinity by shopping with the girls dressed as a guy and then were embarrassed as they were subjected to the public humiliation of trying things on and having the sales girl know they were buying things for themselves.  Unfortunately, I don't have a choice.  I can't walk in heels.  I don't move, walk, act, or talk like a girl and I would draw more attention to myself if I went out stumbling around clumsily dressed up.  I've been assured that if I cooperate it will still be very embarrassing, but if I fight it, I'll be sitting at a makeup counter or walking around as a male, but in 4 inch heels.  When they put it that way, I guess I can behave.

I believe I'm going with Kristine and Colleen and possibly Sheila.   Colleen is rich, but she still wants me to contribute to my own feminization.  This will be a long day.  I know I have to get pantyhose, panties, bras in both A and C cup, and a couple dresses as well as makeup.   I guess surviving today will be one of the biggest challenges I'll face.  

1 comment:

  1. Wow ! What a pair of legs. And such a beautiful smile.

    Are you really going to tell us that this is not exciting for you?

    I would believe you this if you say that this completely outside anything you ever imagined for yourself but, if you have any sense of adventure, it has to be exciting.

    If you want to really learn from the others, embrace your change. It could be fun.