Sunday, March 20, 2011


 I imagine at least a few of you were wondering how everything went yesterday.  It was a lot like last Saturday in that I was extremely humiliating and also exhausting to the point that I was feeling very worn out when it was over.   Things began at Wendy's salon before normal business hours.  I know things would be very difficult when she asked me if I would be a good girl or if I needed to be ziptied to the chair--she wasn't joking either.  I told her I'd be a good girl.  She informed me that she would just neaten things up and give me a bit of body.  She also informed me that since coworkers may arrive early I would need to look appropriate.   I kept on the clothes I was wearing, but added a stuffed bra and she applied makeup.   She was excited about my hair and told Colleen that she wished Cindy's hair would get to my length soon. 

When we left the salon, I still had shopping ahead of me.   I mentioned before that it seemed like all the sissies made the same mistake and it was one I didn't want to make---believing they looked male far longer than they did.  The problem is I still don't pass.  I was given a choice of leaving the makeup and bra or switching back.  I figured I looked enough like a girl that that was the less embarrassing way to go, but I was scared to death because of my voice and movements.  I would not have tried it in a dress and heels.

Colleen gave me instructions telling me she was very proud of me and that I made the right choice because I would be trying a few things on. She told me to follow all instructions to the letter and after transferring my wallet and a lipstick into a purse, she wished me luck. I walked over to Bebe and found my penpal salesgirl.  She was happy to see me back and complimented me on my appearance.  She told me that I had instructions inside the dressing room.  I looked at her expectantly waiting for her to get them and she told me to pick out 3 dresses that I liked to try on.  I put on the first dress and stepped out and she complimented me right away on my pantyhose encased legs.  She made me try on all three dresses before telling me that she never said they were in her dressing room.  She then had me purchase the dress that I liked best.  I was thrilled the store wasn't crowded.

She sent me on the way and suggested I try on two tops and two skirts I liked from Charlotte Russe.  One of her friends took me to the dressing room and sure enough there were directions in there telling me to pick up a lipstick and matching nail polish at Sephora before finding something sexy for Xiu at Victoria's Secret.  Of course the salesgirl made me pick a top and skirt and rung me up for it.  I went to Sephora and when I got there I had to literally find a lipstick and match it up to the nail polish shades before leaving. 

The Victoria Secret sales girl recognized me immediately and kept taking pains to say how much my girlfriend would like her lingerie.   I went home and put on my new dress and used my new lipstick and nail polish.  Xiu and I had a candlelight dinner of chicken dijon and some wine before  Sheila and Amanda came over to "chaperon".   We danced with each other awhile before changing into our lingerie.  Amanda helped me change and sprayed me liberally with my new perfume while Sheila did the same to Xiu.  Then we held hands and made small talk before Xiu and I took turn writing messages Sheila and Amanda gave us on each other's back and trying to guess what was being written.    Finally, the girls told us it was time for us to get to bed. 

Rather than handcuffs or some elaborate bondage, they each had exactly one piece of clothesline.  We got in and laid on our backs rather than hugging each other, which sounded great to me.  Sheila took my right wrist and tied one loop around it.  She then yanked on the rope as she tied the rope through Xiu's panties and to his right leg.   Xiu's left leg was tied the same way.   The effect was to pull our wrists tight so that they would be inside the other's one's panties resting right on their penis.   My right wrist was then tied to his and his left was tied to mine.  We could have easily gotten out of the bondage except that it would cause our hands to move back and further over each other's penis and we weren't willing to let that happen, so we tried to sleep really still.  There were no accidents, but it was a very nervous sleep all night.


  1. Now that you know you are going to be a girl for awhile, have you thought about having your legs waxed?

    It would save you time.

  2. Fantastic post Katie! You look so pretty in the salon's chair. Very feminine. Loved all the details about your day. It seems that so many sales girls are getting to know you well. This should be a help in the future. - Bill

  3. I guess that answers my question in an earlier post about how far your mistresses want your relationship with Xiu to go...

    What an amazing shopping trip! I know that there are sissy readers who would die to have had that experience! I hope at least that knowing that you survived it will help you cope in the future.

  4. You are such a lucky girl to have such a caring Mistress.

  5. It seems that you girls are going through so much just to prevent your relationship from going to its logical conclusion.

    I seems like an awful lot of trouble. Would you rather have a boyfriend? I would bet that that could be arranged.

    Why don't you let nature take its course?


  6. Katie -

    You and Xiu should go with the flow. Once you overcome the initial shock of things, the two of you can have a lot of fun.

    Heck - Look at the other sissies.....