Sunday, March 13, 2011

Toughest Day Yet

 We shopped until we dropped yesterday.  I spent over $200 of my money and Colleen was closer to $1000 getting me the basics and she told me we're not even close to ready.  Cindy is really the only sissy whose clothes I fit and even then it's not a great fit on most things so we're buying a lot of new stuff.   It was embarrassing.  Some of the girls that waited on us, I swore I recognized from school and Colleen didn't let me say anything was for her.  I had to admit that the purchases were for me.   At Victoria's Secret and at Bebe the salesgirl recognized the girls and asked if I was "the new girl".  That really didn't save me from embarrassment as the girls looked me over and said they bet I prettied up nice.  I had to send the girl from Bebe a thank you and attach a few pictures of myself.  When I was asked what my cup size would be, I turned bright red.  I had to try on things in Bebe and I had to try on things at Wild Pair, but they were nice and didn't make me try dresses in any of the other stores, though I think that was only because Forever21 was crowded.

That's my new dress, shoes, and waist cincher with Jill's breast forms and padded panties.   I was taken to model my new purchases for the girls, but it soon became a full fledged fashion show.  My own boobs and panties are in the mail.   Those are Bs, I'm going to be wearigs Cs, but I also had to buy A cups to be worn when I'm dressing like a guy.   Male underwear is a thing of the past.  I gave them to colleen and had them replaced with my new panties, bras, and hose.  

After the fashion show, I was put in a green dress.  It turns out it was a Heather's prom dress and though it's short on me, it fit OK.  I was then taken over to Xiu's.  She was also dressed in a prom dress.  We were then told to sit on the couch and watch Twilight.  Any time characters in the movie kissed we kissed.  After the movie, it was getting late and Heather, Sheila, and Amanda showed up and told us to go into the Xiu's bedroom dressed just as we were.  We were told to close our eyes and give each other a big hug and a kiss and hold it for 15 seconds.   We did and about 5 seconds into the kiss, I felt handcuffs being snapped on my wrists.  The same thing happened to Xiu leaving us locked in hugging position.  They then applied lipstick to each of our lips.  It turned out to be long lasting and designed not to come off while kissing. We were then guided into bed and had our ankles tied intertwined with each other.  They told us if we didn't want to spend the day together in bed, we needed to have it all kissed off by morning.   The worst part was it was dark so we had no idea when we were done and it is extremely hard to get this lipstick off.   They put on the baby monitor and told us they'd be listening in the other room and they expected to hear a lot of bedroom talk.  So we put on a show like one of those old radio dramas.   They left about 10 minutes after doing this, gave the keys to Kristy and told her to let us know they were gone before she went to bed.  

Today I'm back in a dress.  I've only worn these clothes to pose for pictures before.  Nothing long lasting--just take a pic and put my own clothes back.   This is really a struggle for me right now.


  1. Aloha Katie,
    You should totally put up a Paypal Donation button up on your site. Half the fun of being a girl is getting boys to buy you stuff.
    I'm sure your fans would happily give a few dollars to help with your expenses, in exchange for some photos of you modeling your purchases. Go ahead and work it girl!
    I really loved hearing about the thing with the perfume. I've tried some genderplay before with my boyfriend, but I've never really been into it until I came across these blogs. Now I'm really interested in all the tricks the girls are using to coerce you into this. It sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you are enjoying all the attention as well.


  2. Katie

    Sounds like you're adapting quite well... All for the best no doubt. Learn to enjoy and take pleasure in something that you can enjoy long afterwards


  3. In a post on one of the mistresses' blogs, I mentioned that they could find Xiu a girlfriend as a way to help control him. To be honest, this is not exactly what I had in mind! :)

    I would expect that, as you two were intertwined on Xiu's bed busily kissing off your lipstick, you each might have experienced certain physical reactions that are not, um, very ladylike. How comfortable are you with how your friendship with Xiu is evolving? How far do you think the mistresses want it to go?

  4. Katie,

    You're gorgeous. I can't believe you've taken to being a girl so well so fast. Keep up the good work.