Monday, March 14, 2011


You've seen a lot of pictures of me all dressed up, but before yesterday I never kept anything on longer than a few minutes.  Yesterday was the first time I had to stay fully dressed for the entire day.  I was warned to make sure my makeup was perfect and to touch it up if needed--not like I could, but I know enough to at least be able to fix my lipstick.   I was also warned to make sure my heels stayed on all day and this is where I got busted.  After a couple of hours my feet started to hurt and by hour four I couldn't take it anymore.  I got busted by Colleen and Kristine around 6PM and when I asked if I was going to be punished she said "of course.  All in good time."   I thought I had dodged a bullet---not at all.

This morning before I began my 8 AM class, Heather came up to me and told me her boyfriend had dropped off a package for me in the men's room and if I hurried quickly it was still there taped behind the toilet in the 2nd stall.   I raced into the bathroom and found it fortunately empty.  It is a small bathroom with 3 urinals and 2 stalls, but it does get traffic.  I took the bag and found a brand new pair of Sheer Energy pantyhose in my size with a note that said to put them on.   Sitting in the stall, I tried my best to quickly and stealthily put on the pantyhose without being discovered.  There was also a bottle of nail polish, which I took with me.

When I got back to the classroom, there was Heather in the 3rd row with a big smile on her face.   After class was mercifully over she went up to me and reached under my pant leg to feel that I had the pantyhose on and said, "Oh silky.  Did you shave this morning?"  I admitted I did.  It was already my first day wearing panties to class so I was terrified.  She told me to follow her.  She led me down to the basement not far from the student union where their are private one person bathrooms and told me to paint my toes because Amanda would check before my 10:00 class.   I did as I was told and though there were several knocks on the door, I managed to get my nails painted and dried, the panythose put back on, and my regular clothes too.

I went to the student union, but couldn't concentrate.   The pantyhose under my jeans were definitely something I could feel every time I moved.  I met Amanda right outside the class that was scheduled to start at 10AM.  We went into an empty class room and she made me take off my shoes and socks so that she could get a good look at my feet.  She wasn't satisfied when I just took off my left shoe and wanted to see both.   She then proceeded to trade me my socks for a peach A cup bra, that I had to put on under my sweatshirt.  I was very thankful my jeans came down and covered my pantyhosed ankles, but I was very scared sitting down. 

After class, Amanda led me to the student union where Colleen, Kristine, and Heather were all sitting in a back corner rather far away from anybody.   Amanda and I bought lunch and went to sit down and I was allowed the spot in the corner out of sight.  We made small talk as we ate and then Colleen asked me if I was sorry I disobeyed her.  I apologized knowing that I would lose any argument here.  She then asked me to remove my shoes.  I started to plead, but was told it'd make a scene if they took them and I was out of view from everybody where I was.  I complied and then Colleen gave me the same strappy pair of heels that I had got in trouble for removing yesterday.  They exposed my toes, which meant my pantyhose and painted toes were on display.   Kristine and Heather got up and Kristine took my gym shoe in put it in the bathroom I had used earlier, while the other one was taken across the student union. and placed next to the Subway.  I begged not to have to do this, but the girls told me not to disobey Colleen and I wouldn't have to do it again.   I didn't see a lot of options.  As my heels clicked and clacked across the floor, I got a lot of giggles and a lot of laughing.  At least a few people I know saw me.   I'm sure I can write this off as a prank, but I was so humiliated.  The distance across the union felt like miles.

Colleen is different than the other mistresses.  I thought on the rare chance I got caught, I'd be tied up or something.  This was tough and while I'm not ruined or exposed I was sweating and my heart was beating a mile a minutes when I finally got my shoes.  


  1. ok that would be a lil bit too much for me, that is downright cruel.. but o well... best of luck

  2. One would have to admit that Katie does have fantastic legs. A punishment that involves allowing her to show off her best features is both inspiring and enjoyable. As every crossdresser would admit, the possibility of getting caught is part of the game.

    I can only imagine how much fun it was to hear her heels clicking and clacking as she crossed that room....

    Very clever punishment girls! and I bet Katie enjoyed it more than she let on


  3. What a fantastic punishment... Totally fits the crime. Katie is so very lucky to have such creative friends.

    As every crossdresser knows, the thrill of being exposed is so much more exhilerating than the actual event. This is a great milestone for Katie.

    But the real question is did Katie put on her shoes or walk back to her room in her heels with her head held high?


  4. We need to know more about you.

    What are your vital statistics. Height,weight, waist (with and without the cinch.) That stuff.

    All we really know is that you are a C cup ( an A if you are trying to pass as a guy)

    Do you live alone? Have you dressed before? Do you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend?

  5. you got what you deserved sissy when a mistress tells you to do something you do not disobey or face the consequences i think your punishment should have been more severe. you should have had to wear your bra under a flimsy white shirt

  6. That must've been very embarassing for you Katie, but I will say that it was deserved. I hope that you've learned your lesson and will obey your Mistresses orders without question from now on.

  7. I'm sorry, but it is hard to take all this talk of punishment very seriously, as you seem to be enjoying every second of this. Based on the pics, it appears that you are having a great time, are always broadly smiling, etc.. It is hard, in any case, to see how some young women could possibly be forcing you to do this stuff; are you SURE that you don't really, deep down, want and enjoy dressing up? After all, you look pretty fabulous as a woman, so it seems entirely plausible/likely that you've been doing this on your own for years. Whatever the truth...great legs!