Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Feeling More Manly

Thanks Lisa and Kathwyn for your comments.  Even though I'm writing this in my new dress and heels and my nails are bright red as they hit the keyboard, it actually made me feel a bit more manly to know that I wasn't totally undesirable simply because of this experience.    It hasn't been a bad day except for having get dressed as soon as I got home and demonstrate my prowess with makeup (not so good) and walking (getting much better) for Colleen and several of the mistresses. 

Starting with your last questions first... Yes and Yes. And I don't think I'm the only one either. Ask Colleen and Kristine... or maybe use the poll to ask how many girls would date a guy in your situation.
I think you're assuming that I would think less of you because of what you are going through, but I don't. Being a girl is fun and if I thought less of you for wearing lingerie then I'd have to admit to thinking less of myself. On the contrary, after reading Jill and Cindy's early blogs I think this experience has made them better people than they were before and I have more respect for them.
As to what we'd talk about... I already love reading your posts and hearing about how you feel about what's going on. And I'm looking forward to hearing all about what you find out about yourself as you continue.
If I had to generalize I'd say guys like to talk about things and girls like to talk about people. The fact that you're going through this and are willing to blog so much about it makes you more interesting than 95% of the guys out there.

But don't take my word for things. I'm just some random from the internet. Ask the girls for an honest opinion. Ask them whether they think you'll be more attractive to women once they let you back into trousers and you have a better understanding of women and no longer dress like Mr. Scruffy.
Personally, I think you'll be enjoying the benefits of your residual hotness long after you've thrown out your last pair of pantyhose.


I think you've given me my next poll.  I'm supposed to change it weekly, so I think I'll run that starting tomorrow. I am relieved to know that you didn't think that just because I was wearing dresses now, I wanted to spend all my time talking about fashion.   There is some truth, I think, to your comments about what men and women talk about.  I'm blushing about the 95% comment.  

Yeah, you're a random from the internet and probably not the best source of honest opinion, but I also don't trust the girls to give me the unvarnished truth.  I know that Xiu warned me about that.   They want to feminize us more and if that means convincing us that what girls want is guys who can gracefully dance in high heels, they'll try.   I dream of that day, but I think unless I come up with something very clever, they'll be keeping me in pantyhose for some time.

If anybody on Twitter ever wants to chat, my Twitter account is @Coedkatie.  Mostly I'm just following fashion brands, magazines, and makeup now.  I see only 12% thought that making me walk across the Student Union in heels was too severe so I won't even ask about having to sleep with Xiu.  Most readers said the humiliation was just something I had to get used to.


  1. Katie,

    I was just looking at your poll and you need one more category. I would date a guy like you whether you were in pants or a dress. Since you are a TA you are in grad school and understand statistics. You know that our responses are not quite a random sample as we must be somewhat attracted to boys in dresses. That said, there are a number of girls that think you are pretty hot and would have no problems dating you no matter what you are wearing. I agree with a previous poster you and your sissy sisters are already more interesting that 95% of the guys out there.

    Admit it, you have had more fun in the past two weeks as a girl than you have had in the past two years as a guy.


  2. Funny seeing a headline, Feeling more Manly under
    such a pretty picture. By the way, how do you make those white background pics? You're looking good Katie and learning while becoming a better person. This is good for you. Bill

  3. Yes, some girls like sissies. A lot. I’ll bet I know how the poll turns out

    Pretty sissies, submissive sissies. Just like you.

    Just remember, they will want you on their terms. Are you willing to cook and clean? Do you want to be arm candy to a strong willed lady who knows what she wants and is willing to take charge?

  4. I wonder how many of those that voted are really women though. I must say that it's been my experience that most women do not find a man acting feminine and submissive to be all that attractive. I' love to be in your situation as I'd like to experiment with it more but have no one to guide me like your Mistresses do for you.

    That's a very short dress, but you look great in it. I still think the stockings and white shirt is the hottest thing you've been in so far, but I'm sure your Mistresses will come up with something even more sexy soon.

    Congratulations on keeping the blog updated so much. The rest of the girls could learn from you.