Friday, March 25, 2011


I've gotten a lot of teasing from the girls about the montage they made of my pictures.  I think it's more embarrassing than having those posted as still pictures.   My apartment has been feminized too.  I'm not surprised, but it is really hard to get used to it.  Also, unlike some of the other sissies I still have people dropping by.  It's going to be damn hard to explain.  The living room looks like a girl lives here, though maybe with a guy.  The bedroom looks like the girliest girl ever lives here.

Colleen has basically instructed me that when I'm not out in public, I need to keep the breast forms in.   This is really weird for me.   The bra is one thing, but even now when I type, I look down and I see boobs.   I'm dressed like a guy right now, but I see boobs, and red fingernails.   I think I'm through the worst of it.  I don't think they can add any new lingerie, but wearing a bra in public is nerve racking.   I'm not really that changed in appearance as a guy other than having neater eye browns and neater hair.  The people who noticed have decided I've either gotten serious about a girl or am pursuing one.

A lot of the embarrassment about my situation is what happens spontaneously.   I walked by Karen and Heather in the union today and they stopped me.   Karen was painting her fingernails at the time and I was naturally leery.   Heather asked me if she could borrow my shoe laces and she said it in such a way that I knew it wasn't simply a request.  Sure enough, soon had me putting my hands out on the table for her.   It was a very noticeable dark red.  That's when I learned what the shoelaces were for.  Heather tied my wrists to the chair legs.  You couldn't really notice it  too much if you weren't looking for it, but they then told me if I got out I could probably wipe off the polish before it dried.   They went to the bookstore and left me there.  I started panicking as I saw that the polish was nearly dry.  15 minutes later I still wasn't out.   Nobody noticed, but they kept talking with me for another half hour or so.  Before we went our separate ways they gave me a copy of Cosmo.  I had to walk back to my place carrying the Cosmo, which meant one of my hands couldn't be in my pocket.  Again, I was scared to death, but didn't get caught or anything.  I asked Colleen and she said it was just my lucky day running into them.  She didn't plan it or anything.


  1. Sounds like a rather enjoyable day you are lucky they stayed around until you were free. Would love to see a video tour of your apartment makeover. Maybe you could also start doing a youtube journal as well.

  2. That's why we love this blog. There's always something. Such fun! Bill

  3. You do have a problem. If your apartment is as femmie as you describe (why no pictures?), you can’t explain it away. Plus, once your friends see it and look at your eye brows and pretty face, they are going to know you are a sissy.

    You ought to start now figuring out what you are going to tell people. My suggestion is that you stick as near the truth as you can. Something like this.

    You met a girl with an unusual life style. She and her friends like their boyfriends to cross dress. You are in love, college is about experimenting and you have decided to go for it. Introduce them to Xiu.

  4. Wow! You make a gorgeous chick. If someone did this to me, I'd look like a troll in a dress! Thanks for posting regularly and sharing your thoughts; you have some great reflections on this unique experience. Does all this stuff ever arouse you sexually at all? If I looked in the mirror and saw that, I think I'd get excited.

  5. Katie

    I'm enjoying these moments viariously through you. Please know that you are making look forward to these posts!!!

    I just love the little predicaments that these girls dream up