Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Have Curves Now

My breasts and padded butt.  Unfortunately, Colleen was with me when they did and they haven't been off since.  I got to show them off to everybody.  I made a huge mistake and I'm worried about the consequences for me.  Originally, I was supposed to start wearing a bra daily this weekend.  I was supposed to have a week to get used to pantyhose first.  Unfortunately, after saying something stupid, I was stuck having to ask Colleen to please let me start wearing pantyhose on last Thurssday.  Tonight, Colleen informed me that I had my week and bras would start tomorrow.  I talked back to her and she told me one more word and I'd be wearing  C cups, 2 more words and I'd be wearing the forms too.  I shut up quickly, but I fear she's going to try and teach me a lesson.  I'm not even sure how to conceal a bra, though Cindy and Xiu both tell me it can be done.

I was surprised with the results of the survey so far.   It's not that I don't know there are women who like sissies.  I've seen Cindy use feminine wiles to seduce Colleen.  I get it.  I just expect they're far and few between.  Maybe not.  In any event many of you said nice things about me and I appreciate it.  I'm not going to quote comments because I have too many, but I do have some answers. 

Mary: I am surprised to find out that I do have nice legs.  I guess, they're just really long.  My inseam is 3 inches larger than my waist.

Anonymous:  I've started maid work for the mistresses here.  I don't think I want to be a submissive plaything for any woman, but at this point I can think of far worse fates.

Bill: When I posed the blog title I did notice the irony.   The white photo backgrounds come from taking out the background.  They did it to replace the background on my blog and I think they used a free website to do it, but I don't know which one.

Amy: I kind of rushed to put up the pull.  I guess that if you would date a guy like me in a dress or pants (yay!) than you'd select both you would go out with me and you'd go out with me, but keep me in dresses.  The poll was created to accept multiple answers.  I think you're right about the self-selecting nature of people reading the blog.  If you are repulsed by sissies, what are you doing here?  On the other hand, I really like to believe that there are this many women who are accepting of it.  Then again, I'm a little worried about the 6 who say they'd keep me tied up too and by the large number that one me to be the bride.


  1. How many of the poll voters do think are actually not girls at all? And how many of those do you think want you to be a bride?

  2. Hmmm, not a single 'Ew Gross' so far.
    Maybe the girls are also right about dancing in heels...
    If they are serious about the dance lessons, try swing dancing. It's a lot of fun and most of us wear dance sneakers rather than heels. There is sure to be a big swing scene in your area.


  3. I am sure it will go well, laugh with the ones that smirk at you and thank the ones that compliment your bravery if they notice your bras and curves. Would Colleen and the other Mistresses entertain ideas from the audience of other fun social activities for you girls or learning/punishment ideas to help you learn to be be more of a girl that you can be?

  4. I guess you learned another lesson about disobedience. I said in an earlier comment I would date you, but I would also expect obedience, for which you would be suitably rewarded.

  5. Can we see a photo of you in your maid's outfit? I am glad you are helping out. Girls love a guy that does housework and it sounds as if the other girls need the help.

    Seeing as you said that you are more uncomfortable around girls dressed, maybe you should volunteer to take care of the guys.

    There is a wonderful photo of Jill dressed in her uniform to take care of Karen's boyfriend. And I think that it was Amber who had to greet the guys with a kiss when she showed up to clean. What could be more sissy that giving a guy a kiss on the cheek (nothing gay) when you show up to do chores.


  6. After you've worn pantyhose for a few days, tell us your comments and preferences. Which brands are the most comfortable etc. Bill

  7. So now that you are in panties, pantyhose and bras permanently, what do you think Mistress Colleen will add next ? Do you think a point will come when you can no longer hide the fact that you are a sissy due to your required attire ? Do you or the mistresses pick out what you will wear every day ? I hope you learn to accept your new roll becasue you make an adorable sissy. Good luck