Friday, March 18, 2011

More on Pantyhose

OK, I got several more questions about pantyhose.  I'll do my best to answer them.   Don't expect an update tomorrow as I have that shopping to do and then a "lesbian date night" with Xiu.  I understand he has bought me lingerie, perfume, and a surprise and I'm going to return the favor.  I had a girlfriend who wore Beautiful by Estee Lauder and I used to really like that fragrance.  I guess that will be Xiu's smell now.  I got inspected today 3 times by girls checking that I had my pantyhose on.  I'm glad I passed.  I will feel very nervous shopping tomorrow.

Charmane: To be honest, I don't really know how the pantyhose are supposed to fit.  The first time I wore them, I was given a pair of Cindy's.  She's taller than me, but my legs are longer.  I am wearing normal size CD in Hanes Silk Reflections.   Your assignment was a lot like what I'm going through.   As much as they enjoyed embarrassing me, having the girls with me made it a lot easier to bring up my feminine purchases.  I wish you hadn't mentioned keeping a spare pair with me.  That's a new rule now.

Laura Asked: How was your first day in pantyhose ? How do you feel knowing you are required to wear them every day from now on ? Do you think you will be required to wear ballet flats or other girls shoes with you pantyhose anytime soon ? Have you given ant thought as to how your going to feel having your legs put on display this spring in shorts and pantyhose for all the girls on campus to see ?

I'd love to say it was easy, but every time I moved I could feel them and I was embarrassed and I felt like everybody knew when they saw me.  Everyday seems like such a long time and just like they checked on me keeping my heels on they're checking on the panythose.  I'm sure women's shoes are coming, but I hope they'll be masculine looking.   I have no intention of wearing shorts when in male mode this summer.  Girls knowing about this is much more embarrassing for me than guys.  Most of the other sissies are the opposite based on our conversations.



  1. You deserve the three-part pantyhose torture.

    1) Dress completely en femme, including tight knee-length skirt, 3" heels, and full pantyhose. Go to mall. Let one of the other girls put a visible run in your nylons. Walk around the mall and let women come up and mention the run.

    2) Go to hosiery department and buy more pantyhose. Ask salesgirl to explain sizing chart on back of package, saying "Usually my girlfriend (or mistress) buys them for me."

    3) Go into women's restroom (not fitting room) to change. Remember floor is dirty, so you must balance in your heels and not let your feet touch the ground as you change pantyhose.

  2. You asked a while back how we voted and why. Well, I voted for feminization(sp?). Mostly because I figured that when Xiu told you what was going on, You must have read all the blogs. Even with that knowledge, You failed to help your friend escape. To top it off, you wound up photographed in a dress. I then voted for 'better get used to it' because now that you're in, I don't think you'll be getting out anytime soon. As a straight guy, I will say your legs really do look good in heels and hose. Sorry. Good luck with your date with Xiu. You should really use female pronouns when you refer to the other 'girls', don't want extra punishments for 'attitude' if you can avoid them. Lgb

  3. What is your voice like? Is it feminine enough or do you need training.

    Can we see pictures of you and your girlfriend in your new lingerie kissing? Or in bed together snuggling?

    Are you content dating Xiu or are you eager to be with boys?


  4. Hi Katie,
    I hope by the time summer rolls around you'll rethink the whole shorts thing. Having girls know might be embarrassing for you, but I have to say that if I was on your campus I would have a hard time leaving you alone. You'd be fun to tease and I could talk to you about things I'm interested in rather than listening to guy stuff or indulging in the usual awkward "between the sexes" dialog. With the girls' help this could be a lot of fun for you and you could come out of this, if not with a girlfriend, then with a lot of girl friends that you would not have had otherwise.

    I'd hate to see you avoid people just because you're embarrassed. Anyone who wears a miniskirt or a bikini is embarrassed occasionally... but its worth it because of all the attention you get.

    Embrace the Dark Side Luke and instead of spending the summer playing hoops with the boys you could be hanging out with the girls.

    And be sure to make some friends along the way.


  5. Katie,

    Sorry about the new rule, but I expect that you'll find that it makes sense, too, even though you hate the idea.

    I'm not an expert, but I would guess that you are probably near the limit of a what normal CD size would fit. You may be more comfortable in extra tall sizes, if can find them.

    BTW, I voted for "better get used to it" because there doesn't seem to be much you can do about it.

    Good luck!