Thursday, March 17, 2011


 I had one of those discussions with Colleen today that I tried to avoid because I can't want. She asked me if I had enough pantyhose in case I ran a pair when I started wearing them everyday tomorrow.  I told her I didn't want to wear pantyhose and than in my brief experience they were a colossal pain.   She asked me if I was sure I didn't want to obey her and wear pantyhose.  I had visions of what she might do if I said I didn't so I told her roboticly that I wanted to do as she said and wear pantyhose.  She asked me if I really wanted to and I said yes.  Then she said, well if you really want to you'll ask me if you can start wearing them this afternoon.  I didn't have a lot of choice.  I'm not in pantyhose for the foreseeable future except when I'm sleeping.   She said she'd make an exception when she thought that my outfit would look better without pantyhose or when I wore a garter belt.   I'm stuck.  

Mary Asks:
Your Mistresses want us to ask more questions, and I have one. Does dressing sexually excite you at all? Judging by the look on your face, I imagine that it does even if you're too embarassed by it to admit to it.

I am not excited by wearing women's clothing. 

Also, once your Mistresses get you talking to boys and dating, how far are you going to go with a guy? 
I won't say never because the sissies sure look stupid everytime they do it, but I can't see going pass kissing honestly.

Anonymous Asks:
Do you feel any good feelings when the girls dress you? Have you been tied up yet? Did you know you had such a great smile? Talk the mistresses into a short movie of you walking so we can see your progress. -

The attention is nice and I'm kind of interested in how much of a girl I look, but no.  This isn't my own particular kink.   I've been tied up quite a few times.   If you see pictures of me outside with snow on the ground and can't see my hands, it's because they're tied.  Heather tied me up just to show me how quickly she could make me helpless and they've done it either to exert their dominance or force Xiu and I to play with each other.  I've always received compliments on my smile, but I've never done it much.   Unlike Xiu I've never seen the reason to fight over the smile.  If they already have you posing in a dress and heels, you don't stop them from making you look sissy by pouting.

This weekend, I need to go shopping on my own.  I'm supposed to get perfume and maybe a babydoll or a teddy for Xiu.  They also want me to shop with some of the salesgirls I met last weekend.


  1. Katie,

    I'd imagine that with your long legs you may have trouble finding pantyhose that fits you properly. Please let us know what brands and sizes work best for you! And Colleen is right - you'll need extra in case you ladder a pair. In fact, you should always have another with you.

  2. Katie,

    The new rule that you wear pantyhose everyday, along with the command that you go shopping on your own to some of the places you had shopped before, dovetails nicely with the 2nd Sissy Station assignment that I just posted on my blog! (I apologize for the shameless self-promotion; the coincidence just seemed too good to be true.) Feel free to check it out for some pointers! :)

  3. God you look sexy in that pic sweetie, I can only dream about a body like yours, if I had I woud live full time as woman.

    You know you will be going out dressed as a girl and in the girls place, have you ever thord of "practicing" with Xiu on that part, I know it will proberly be a bit wired when you are bouth dressed up but it might give you a small eage.


  4. How was your first day in pantyhose ? How do you feel knowing you are required to wear them every day from now on ? Do you think you will be required to wear ballet flats or other girls shoes with you pantyhose anytime soon ? Have you given ant thought as to how your going to feel having your legs put on display this spring in shorts and pantyhose for all the girls on campus to see ?

  5. That photo is incredible. Any man would go crazy for a girl that looks like that!