Saturday, March 26, 2011

Waiting for Nails to Dry

There's a decent view of my bedroom. They didn't do a total transform on it as I am only here another 2 months before moving into a house with the other sissies. I sure hope there's a sale on pink paint that week. The funny thing to me is that they kept my baseball hats.The bed didn't have a headboard originally.  They installed it just for a place to restrain me.  Fortunately, my bedroom is off limits to guests.  I keep the door closed and I blame the living room on my roommate who always was a bit artistic.  The problem is he's been in Japan for awhile and people who know me well know the changes were made after he left.  

Xiu and I have a friend named Rebecca.   I've read enough of the other blogs to know that simply by mentioning her people will be thinking future mistress, but she's not like that at all.  She's pretty cool and has known both of us since freshmen year.   She came over this afternoon just as I started painting my nails.  Fortunately, I was able to wipe off what I started before answering the door.  It was a good thing I had started because I was told to keep the polish on from yesterday until I did.  She managed to catch the window this afternoon when there was no polish.  

These Saturday afternoons are always tough because it's a lot like being a girl preparing for a date, except it's date night with Xiu.  I took a long bubble bath and shaved, I painted my nails, Kristine is coming over to help me with my makeup, which is getting better, but still not judged date worthy yet (any helpful suggestions?  I figure everybody who reads these blogs probably wears makeup for one reason or another).  She'll actually be here soon and I'm way behind on questions so without further ado or adieu?  I don't know which one it is.

Anonymous writes You met a girl with an unusual life style. She and her friends like their boyfriends to cross dress. You are in love, college is about experimenting and you have decided to go for it. Introduce them to Xiu. 

The problem is that my friends know Xiu already.  Rebecca for instance has noticed a change in both our appearances, but has put it down to trying to attract more women.  Xiu's change is more profound than mine as my eyebrows needed neatening anyway and I have the long hair.

Anonymous writes Does all this stuff ever arouse you sexually at all? If I looked in the mirror and saw that, I think I'd get excited. 

No, I can't say that looking cute as a girl isn't a sort of pride in a weird way and female attention is great, but the whole feminization thing doesn't make me think sexy, it makes me think hard work.

Kathwyn writes If they are serious about the dance lessons, try swing dancing. It's a lot of fun and most of us wear dance sneakers rather than heels. There is sure to be a big swing scene in your area.

No heels?  Sounds great, but I've seen how those girls get thrown and just how much leg gets shown when the skirts go flying.

Lisa said I guess you learned another lesson about disobedience. I said in an earlier comment I would date you, but I would also expect obedience, for which you would be suitably rewarded. 

OK, maybe I haven't always treated women as equals, but obedience?  I don't think I could be in a relationship where I had to be obedient.
Anonymous wrote Can we see a photo of you in your maid's outfit? I am glad you are helping out. Girls love a guy that does housework and it sounds as if the other girls need the help.

I know that there was one on Colleen's hard drive.   I'm sure you'll get to see another.   Cleaning up after the guys is so degrading.  I have come to realize that guys are pigs even when they think they are being neat.

Lesley Thanks for the compliment :).  I'm not really fond of the term sissy either, but that's what they call us.  I don't think it's meant to be pejorative so much as none of us are transgendered and only Jill and Cindy show any indication of dressing on their own.   Hmm, it occurs to me that they're the ones they started with.  I can't see dressing on my own, but I try not to make the same mistakes they made including saying, "I'll never do..."

Bill:  Pantyhose reviews will come soon.  I've already been told to take notes.   The best ones I've ever worn are Donna Karan, but they're a bit pricey.  I've been wearing mostly Hanes Silk Reflections, which fit OK.   I don't like L'eggs Sheer Energy.

Laura: Next week it's shaved smooth all over.   I am not looking forward to that change.  I hope that I will never get to the point of being incapable of looking masculine.

Sissy Emily I am very lucky they stayed around.  I couldn't untie those shoe laces and I couldn't slip my wrists out.  I couldn't figure out how to get out of that predicament and eventually I would have had to ask somebody for help.


  1. Cute room, that will be very interesting when all you girls move into the sissy house, hope we get to see a little video when after you move in and decorate. Maybe since there are four of you, you can separate it out into Hogwarts house names and each of you have a school girl outfit to do your homework in from that house. As for makeup maybe you should see what the Mistress' think of taking all you girls out for a day at the spa and salon and see if they offer any classes.

    At least none of you have had to wear maxi pads etc to experience that part.

  2. So, sooner or later Rebecca will catch you in a situation that you will have to explain. What will you tell her then, hmmm?

  3. You are going to move in with the other sissies? Wow! When did that get decided? You and Xiu both? Or just you? Will you share a room? A bed?

    No one likes to be told that they need to be obedient. But women have been in that role forever. It is just some people's lot in life. What are the choices? A dominant girlfriend? A lesbian relationship with Xiu? A boyfriend? Or Celibacy? What do you want?