Saturday, July 23, 2011


I used to golf in high school, but kind of got out of the habit until this Summer when I've been going with Jill and Amber.   It's amazing what my transformation has meant to my golf game.  Gripping the club doesn't feel right with longer nails even though it wouldn't matter if I had a more orthodox golf grip.   I also find the stuffed bra really interferes with my back swing.  However, I'm enjoying it.  The girls have no problem with us playing golf or tennis as long as we are appropriately attired and of course in golf there's the added bonus of us having to use the ladies tees.  Colleen is a very good golfer and Heather is probably better than any of us, but so far we've golfed 5 times and though I only broke triple figures once, it has been fun.   Today was the first respite we have had from the terrible heatwave.

In answer to some of the questions I've gotten.  No the boys down the street are under the impression that we are 5 girls.   Because we all have to pass around them, it's scary that one of them will figure things out.  They have been hanging out a bit more since the party too.  

Pantyhose are tricky.  They were part of our negotiation.  When the heat index is over 90 we do not need permission to be out of pantyhose.   Otherwise we need to ask.   Each mistress is a bit different about it.  Colleen always wants Cindy in stockings of some kind, but obviously Jill has more freedom.  I'm somewhere in the middle. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th of July

I realized that nobody wrote about the 4th of July or the ruckus that ensued.   I guess it didn't occur to any of us that there were certain gender roles for 4th of July.   Xiu, Amber, and myself set about to have a huge 4th of July party at the house.  We stocked up on fireworks, beer, burgers, and brats.

Now the girls aren't real sticklers 24/7 about certain things and we do have beer in our fridge.  They've let us grill before as well, but when they saw the fireworks they put their foot down.   They asked us to think of any girls we ever saw lighting their own fireworks.  We were not at all happy about this and as a matter of fact Xiu wound up spending the night in the closet.  

What was sad was we wound up using our feminine wiles to our advantage that night.   There are 3 boys that live down the block from us and they saw Amber and Jill getting the grill going and made small talk.   We haven't really talked to them yet.  They wound up taking over the grilling.   We mentioned that we had bought fireworks and they were happy to set them off for us that night.  The only problem was that they drank up our beer.  We had to drink at a much slower speed than they did.  The next day when the girls noticed the fireworks had been blown off, they hardly believed what had happened.  Thank goodness, that Jill has major credibility.

As you may have guessed, there has been a change in the blogging.  You'll hear about it soon.  

Sunday, June 19, 2011

House Warming Party

The housewarming party was a lot of fun.  I guess because it wasn't meant to punish or embarrass us or because everybody there knew the situation, we were able to let our hair down.   There was nothing really salacious, though the alcoholic consumption that night would have made a small city blush, but it was just a great college party--definitely the best one I've been at in a few years.

Unfortunately, the party was followed by bronchitis.  I wasn't bedridden and I thought it was just allergies until Friday.  By the time, I figured out that I had to go to the doctor I had no voice above a hoarse whisper.  Going to the doctor is not easy.   All my medical records are under my male name, but I'm supposed to be in feminine clothes all summer.  In addition, even if I went in male clothes, a doctor's examination would reveal an awful lot about what's going on.  As a result I went to a local clinic en femme and while the nurse did ask me what the situation was, she did so discreetly.   They were more professional than the university would have been.  Anyway, I was treated by a gorgeous Indian woman who said nothing about the fact that she knew I was male and I was wearing a sundress.  I was thrilled all day because it went well.

I'm still a major annoyance to this house, but the cough is less frequent then it was.  I'm on an antibiotic and a really nice cough medicine with codeine. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

We Have Internet

I'm sorry for the delay.  We got internet this afternoon.   This was not the smoothest move ever and that doesn't even include all the work that we had to do.  It is kind of nice to have an actual house instead of an apartment.  There is more room and a lot more privacy.  We really haven't been very sexy lately--lots of paint splatter and lots of t-shirts and jeans or t-shirts and shorts.  We had some flooding this week after a freakish downpour, but we've been assured that was just a fluke and that it won't happen during normal rain.  We're still not completely ready, but there will be a housewarming party tomorrow.  Things are gradually returning to normal or at least our version of normal.  Thanks for the patience.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Home Sweet Home

The front of the new house, currently called Sigma Iota Sigma.  Our lease begins June 1st so we can't move in until then and we have a lot of packing, unpacking, painting, etc. when we move in.  I'm so sick of my job.  I definitely don't want to be a college professor when I'm out of here.  So much of the student work is so derivative and I've nailed about 8-10 for plagiarism.  We've been given a bit of permission to slack on some of our requirements, but not all of them.  I still need a summer wardrobe and it's kind of scary to think of spending 24/7 in skirts and heels.  I have a lot of personal shoppers advising me obviously, but just the thought of being totally femme 24/7 for the entire summer seems so huge.  I asked Colleen if I'd be in skirts and dresses the whole time and she told me no, we'd get me some short shorts too.  Not exactly the answer I was looking for.

I've been calling the numbers I got at the wedding.  We have a deal of call a guy, call a girl.  It's amazing how much slower things are with the girls.  Actually, I guess it's not.  With the guys I'm slowing them down, but with the girls they tend to be slowing me down.  The girls I've talked to have been really curious.  2 of them have been crossed off my list.  It's really hard to hit on a girl when she's asking you about what it's like wearing a bra (true story).

The new house has a ton of closet space, which will be needed with the 5 of us, but there's an extra closet being set aside for "naughty sissies".  I have no idea what the plan is, but I don't want to find out.  They want us to have headboards on all of our beds too and I have a pretty good idea what that's all about.  Anyway, I'll try and keep you posted, but if you don't hear much in the next few weeks, please be patient.  

I don't have time to go through all the questions, but somebody asked me about female mannerisms carrying over to male mode.  I was terrified of that, but I haven't had it happen to me too much.  Xiu on the other hand has several mannerisms.  It drives her crazy when I have to  remind her of how she's moving or speaking.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hit On

Sorry, I've been away for awhile.  We all have so much to tell, but things are so hectic here.   I've gone so far past where I thought I'd go or be willing to go.   The bachlorette party was rowdy, in fact it was rowdier than either bachelor party I've been at.   It started with pole dancing and what we male bachlorettes lacked in flexibility we made up for in upper body strength and we did pretty well with some of the advanced things, but I have to admit have that many girls watch me trying to stride up to the pole in my most seductively feminine manner was making me really self-concious.

The wedding was a combination of celebrity and embarrassment.   We saw people constantly checking us out and some snickering, but most of the people were extremely open minded and all wanted to talk to us about our situation or just chat with us in general.  I laughed that I got 4 phone numbers from guys and 3 from girls during the weekend so it wasn't all bad.  A lot of guys danced with us at the wedding whether that was because they were put up to it, dared, tricked, or just felt like it I don't know.

The bachlorette party lasted til an early morning breakfast at 5AM.  I had a guy (pictured above) immediately make a bee line for me and I spent most of the night flirting with him.  I was warned before heading out that what Wendy said went since it was her big night and she was constantly encouraging me to flirt and eventually, we did wind up with some really deep kissing.  Having been on the other side, I know when you see a party like ours, you automatically try and see which of the girls are feeling lonely and amorous, but it was weird to be on the opposite end.   It didn't go too far at least.   I'll definitely have a lot to say when I have more time.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dating Practice

While Xiu and I are not bridesmaids, we will be attending the big wedding and as you might have guessed we'll be attending as dates.  The catch is both guys are bisexuals, but they are also friends of Wendy's and from everything I've been told absolute gentlemen.   We've been told we will be expected to flirt, dance, kiss, and hold hands and nothing more.   I don't deny that this is extremely difficult for me to get my head around, but Xiu is having a bit more trouble.  The fact that strict limits have been set and we don't have to worry about fooling our dates helps a great deal.  Colleen broke it to me slowly and told me that we would be very heavily chaperoned, but that she has met my date and he will be a perfect gentleman.

The above picture is from a practice date.  The guy actually went out with Jill and Cindy on a double date a few years ago so he knew what he was in for.  It is weird to put myself in a female role on a date and while I have no intention of making it a habit, I hope I learned a few things that will serve me well when I can go back to dating women.  Is that too cliche? 

Last weekend with Xiu was a pretty big culmination.   We've been told that things will calm down between us a bit, but last weekend, we were tied into the 69 position with our dildos strapped on and proceeded to have a competition.   I won as Xiu was just incapable of even going through the motions and while my practice date knew, hers did not.  

Don't expect to have quite as many postings from me this week, but expect them to have a lot of detail.  About the person I wanted to block---I'm in a weird position here.  My situation is non-consensual, but I realize it's consensually non-consensual.  If I could take these heels off right now I would, but I don't hate it enough to go through what I'd have to go through to end things.  In a lot of ways both Xiu and I deserve what happened to us and I'm at least trying to make it a positive experience.  However, there are certain things I find very objectionable and I can't see as shades of gray.  Somethings are just wrong and I got creeped out by a follower who is into stuff that I don't ever want associated with this blog.  I will be looking at the blocking options that many of you were very kind to send me.