Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th of July

I realized that nobody wrote about the 4th of July or the ruckus that ensued.   I guess it didn't occur to any of us that there were certain gender roles for 4th of July.   Xiu, Amber, and myself set about to have a huge 4th of July party at the house.  We stocked up on fireworks, beer, burgers, and brats.

Now the girls aren't real sticklers 24/7 about certain things and we do have beer in our fridge.  They've let us grill before as well, but when they saw the fireworks they put their foot down.   They asked us to think of any girls we ever saw lighting their own fireworks.  We were not at all happy about this and as a matter of fact Xiu wound up spending the night in the closet.  

What was sad was we wound up using our feminine wiles to our advantage that night.   There are 3 boys that live down the block from us and they saw Amber and Jill getting the grill going and made small talk.   We haven't really talked to them yet.  They wound up taking over the grilling.   We mentioned that we had bought fireworks and they were happy to set them off for us that night.  The only problem was that they drank up our beer.  We had to drink at a much slower speed than they did.  The next day when the girls noticed the fireworks had been blown off, they hardly believed what had happened.  Thank goodness, that Jill has major credibility.

As you may have guessed, there has been a change in the blogging.  You'll hear about it soon.  


  1. Did they know that you were gurls and not girls??
    Anyway, thanks so much for the post. Any little piece of news is great. Glad you had some celebration for the forth. - Bill

  2. Oh yes, what does that closet look like? Was Xiu tied? - Bill

  3. I love the update. Yours is one of only a few blogs that I follow. Thanks for whatever feel like sharing, its always fun to hear what you have to say.

  4. Wow talk about a little soap opera drama for the fourth, a little double take in the other gurls using their skills to get what they want, I am sure the Mistresses had a great laugh when they heard that.

    So Katie, are you beginning to get more self conscious when you go shopping or pick out outfits for the day over how you will look in them when you go out? Kind of the cliche, will this make me look fat question. Lol. I am surprised the girls haven't made you ask that to a guy yet.

    Enjoy your weekend,