Saturday, July 23, 2011


I used to golf in high school, but kind of got out of the habit until this Summer when I've been going with Jill and Amber.   It's amazing what my transformation has meant to my golf game.  Gripping the club doesn't feel right with longer nails even though it wouldn't matter if I had a more orthodox golf grip.   I also find the stuffed bra really interferes with my back swing.  However, I'm enjoying it.  The girls have no problem with us playing golf or tennis as long as we are appropriately attired and of course in golf there's the added bonus of us having to use the ladies tees.  Colleen is a very good golfer and Heather is probably better than any of us, but so far we've golfed 5 times and though I only broke triple figures once, it has been fun.   Today was the first respite we have had from the terrible heatwave.

In answer to some of the questions I've gotten.  No the boys down the street are under the impression that we are 5 girls.   Because we all have to pass around them, it's scary that one of them will figure things out.  They have been hanging out a bit more since the party too.  

Pantyhose are tricky.  They were part of our negotiation.  When the heat index is over 90 we do not need permission to be out of pantyhose.   Otherwise we need to ask.   Each mistress is a bit different about it.  Colleen always wants Cindy in stockings of some kind, but obviously Jill has more freedom.  I'm somewhere in the middle. 

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