Sunday, June 19, 2011

House Warming Party

The housewarming party was a lot of fun.  I guess because it wasn't meant to punish or embarrass us or because everybody there knew the situation, we were able to let our hair down.   There was nothing really salacious, though the alcoholic consumption that night would have made a small city blush, but it was just a great college party--definitely the best one I've been at in a few years.

Unfortunately, the party was followed by bronchitis.  I wasn't bedridden and I thought it was just allergies until Friday.  By the time, I figured out that I had to go to the doctor I had no voice above a hoarse whisper.  Going to the doctor is not easy.   All my medical records are under my male name, but I'm supposed to be in feminine clothes all summer.  In addition, even if I went in male clothes, a doctor's examination would reveal an awful lot about what's going on.  As a result I went to a local clinic en femme and while the nurse did ask me what the situation was, she did so discreetly.   They were more professional than the university would have been.  Anyway, I was treated by a gorgeous Indian woman who said nothing about the fact that she knew I was male and I was wearing a sundress.  I was thrilled all day because it went well.

I'm still a major annoyance to this house, but the cough is less frequent then it was.  I'm on an antibiotic and a really nice cough medicine with codeine. 


  1. Thanks for the update Katie, glad you enjoyed a nice party and I hope you get better, bronchitis is no fun at all, I just remember having it once just about 2 days into the summer when I was a kid, and it just about ruined half the summer for me.

    Anyway get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids, hopefully the other gurls aren't too bothered picking up your cleaning duties etc while you're sick, and I am sure the girls have a good selection of chick flicks you can catch up on while you get better.


  2. Katie,
    Another cute picture! Sorry you got sick. I am
    sick too as I write this and it's a bummer in the
    summer. - Bill

  3. I love your outfit, and the shoes!

  4. Cute Sundress Katie, definately very flirty for a college party ;-) good choice if you picked it out all by yourself or did colleen help you?

    Anyway I hope you get better soon, get lots of rest,great excuse to work on your tan. Though the way you come across katie you almost sound as if you are proud of yourself for being a passable and very obedient sissy ;-). Which there is nothing wrong with.

    I know you may choose jeans and a top any chance you get, but I was wondering now that you have been exposed to a summer wardrobe and winter wardrobe compared to that of a guys, I was wondering what you thought of the choices between the two, and if you liked the different styles or materials girls clothing had more than guys boring choices? Or if you just find it to be a chore still? Get better soon and I hope we get to see a pic of you in your new bikini ready for the beach or maybe modeling on the hood of a car ;-)


  5. That is such a cute dress and such cute shoes Katie!!! I know it is hard for you to be constantly girlie, but for those of us who can only dream about living as a passable girl, I must say that you are positively beautiful!

  6. Love your outfit, and the shoes!

  7. Very nice outfit Katie, I especially love the shoes and the accessories. I bet you have a jewelry box full of those by now, or do you find yourself sharing accessories with the others trying to hunt down just the right ones? Oh and are starting to worry how your backside looks in dresses and skirts? lol

    Anyway I hope you get better soon, tell the other gurls we miss hearing from them too, but I am sure from what Sheila said that will be changing, can't wait to see what the Mistresses have in store for you for the summer, although I bet you are not as thrilled as we are ;-).

    PS let the other gurls know we are all anxiously awaiting to hear what they have to say about the wedding as well, when the Mistresses of course get time to get pictures approved from Wendy.

    Have fun as a always.

  8. Every forced-crossdresser's nightmare! I'm glad that you pulled it off with aplomb!

  9. Get well soon Katie, that is so great though that you were able to pass so well in the clinique, sounds like that was really nerve racking event. By the way that is very cute outfit did you pick out the shoes when you went shopping or did Colleen?

    Go ahead hon and get lots of rest, bronchitis is no fun, and no bueno and I am sure the other gurls don't want to be anywhere near you especially if you are sharing a room with Xiu, by the way, what theme did the girls choose for each room? it would be cool to see a pic of you in your new girly room maybe with the others in some sexy SIS gear.

    Get well soon


  10. Hope you are feeling better now
    Do you attend classes dressed?
    Are we going to get more frequent postings form the girls ?


  11. Cute dress! I like your shoes too. Hope you're feeling better. Glad you had a good time at the party.