Sunday, April 3, 2011

Last Night

I don't know when I'm ever going to get to the questions.  I have been a bit busy and not just trying on dresses though I was doing that at the mall again today.  Last night was another interesting night with Xiu.  I made dinner for him with Colleen's help and set up a candlelight dinner, which we were allowed to eat alone provided that we kept the conversation date appropriate.  Xiu has been burned before with hidden microphones so he didn't dare talk about anything, but the color of my eyes and how nice my legs looked in my dress.  There was no microphone, but we didn't know that.   Xiu cleared the table and we retired to the living room, where we watched television.  One look and I could tell he was as nervous as I was.

Colleen arrived later with Heather, Karen, Amanda, Sheila, Jill, Kristine, and both Heather and Karen's boyfriends.  Now, I hate when boyfriends are involved especially because we were expected to get them beer as soon as they entered and generally fawn all over them while they looked smugly at us since they weren't the ones wearing dresses.  Actually, we were the only two in dresses.  The reason the guys were here is because the girls wanted to give us dance lessons.   Heather's boyfriend is 6'3" so he is taller than me even in heels and Xiu is pretty short.   Jill explained the difference between dancing like a guy and like a girl to us and then Sheila taught us how to dance.   Dancing with Heather's boyfriend was different than with Xiu.  I could feel his whiskers on my face when we danced close. 

After the guys were done, Xiu and I took turns taking the girl's part as we danced to both fast and slow songs.  Xiu is definitely a better dancer than I am, but the girls were satisfied and that's when we were given choice one for the night.   We were told if we cooperated the guys would leave and already feeling like less than men with them watching us, we agreed.   That's when we found out that what came next was dessert and by dessert I mean whipped cream and chocolate pudding.  We were ordered to strip down to our bra and panties, but to leave our heels on and to freshen up our makeup.  When we returned I saw that both Colleen and Sheila were holding ropes.  Our hands were tied behind out backs and then Colleen painted me with pudding and sprayed whipped cream on me while Sheila did the same to Xiu.  The pudding and whipped cream went everywhere and when I felt Colleen grab the waist band of my panties and spray about a third of a can of whipped cream down there I knew I was in trouble.   We then had to clean each other off with our hands still tied.   We were told if we could get each other clean in 45 minutes we would not have to shower together otherwise we'd have to clean each other off.   We did make it, but not with much time to spare.  We didn't touch each other's penises or anything, but having somebody suck whipped cream out of your panties does produce a rather uncontrollable reaction and both Xiu and I were obviously showing signs that the girls couldn't help noticing. 

With everything licked off we were still very sticky and we were allowed to each take a shower separately before changing into our nighties.  Before going to bed, we were given our last choice of the night---sign up for dance lessons or be tied together in a new position they had in mind.   We both immediately chose to let them look for dance lessons for us and we were allowed to sleep together, in the same bed, but not tied to each other. 

Today's poll is about Xiu and me.  I'm getting worried about that situation and I'm kind of curious what readers think.


  1. The girls are definitely getting very creative with you two. I have to admit I would be scared to go that far as well since I am straight, but as long as you have friends supporting you, just have fun with it. I hope you two enjoy the dance lessons I am sure you will, and who knows you might meet other girls who might like to double date with you and Xiu.

  2. i still think you two are very very lucky... i would love to know what the boyfriends thought and how much they know about you two..??

  3. Katie

    I understand your reluctance to go too far, but then again you're an attractive young woman and so is Xiu. College is the time to experiment and find out what you truly enjoy. Nothing is cast in stone and eventualy you will be back in drab mode and wondering if you should have done a bit more experimenting.

    Life is too short not to do what makes you happy. I think you should talk to Cindy to find out how truly wonderful life can be when you give yourself totally to someone you trust.

    I hope you learn to relax and enjoy yourself!

    The whipped cream sounds like a great experiment... although a tad messy.


  4. What do you mean, you were "doing that at the mall again today"?

  5. I'd say you've managed to be very philosophical about the way things have gone, and you should be congratulated for it. Of course, if the girls actually go by the poll results, things will go a lot further than mutual tongue baths and sucking whipped cream from each other's panties.

    I'm not the sort to try and claim that your physical response to that session was anything but involuntary, much less evidence that you "secretly" want to take things further. But I will say that your attitude is serving you well, and you seem to be able to handle all of this in a sensible (and admirable) manner. Good for you.


  6. Hmmm...
    As far as the Katie x Xiu thing... I guess it all depends on what the girls are punishing you for.
    I'm not completely clear on what Xiu was doing to get the girls so mad at him.
    If he was trading good grades for sex... that's not good but I might still have some sympathy.
    On the other hand, if he was threatening to give people bad grades for not putting out... then I'd say "an eye for an eye and a blowjob for a blowjob".
    I don't think anyone should have to have sex with someone they don't like or that they aren't attracted to, but I also believe in poetic justice. I know how I would feel if I was being coerced into dating someone just so I could pass a chem lab. I would be desperately unhappy with the situation.
    I don't know how you fit into all of this, but at least you and Xiu are friends and like each other. I don't know how the girls Xiu was taking advantage of felt, but depending on the circumstances I would have hated Xiu and probably myself.
    I may be reading more into this than what really happened, and I would need to know what happened before I could tell you that the girls are taking it too far.

    I know there are probably some readers who have a prurient interest in having the two of you go "all the way." But I think sex should be your choice. Unfortunately, if Xiu was being abusive as a TA, I don't fault the girls for trying to coerce him into it.

    Personally, I voted for a little experimentation. If you two really are close friends, I think a little experimentation between friends can be a good thing. That's probably more acceptable for girls than for guys, but thought it was one of the better benefits of sharing a dorm room.

    And I do hope the two of you are still friends through all of this.

    Mahalo again for all of the frequent posts.


  7. BTW, didn't I say you'd look smashing. I'm so jealous! Now I feel like I have to go on a diet and grow 4 inches taller.
    Honestly, you do look great. I love the way you smile.


  8. You do have a great smile to go with those awesome legs.

    Did the girls take photos of y'all cleaning each other off? I bet that was pretty hot even if you're not interested in being with another guy.

  9. Also, the poll looks like the readers want exactly what you feared. Was this more to confirm your fears or are you going to take things further with Xiu?