Monday, April 18, 2011

Please Vote for Sheila

I made a horrible mistake putting that poll up on my blog.  It's a very good picture of me and not a great one of Sheila who is extremely attractive.   Colleen was nice enough to let me post her picture, but I am in a lot of trouble over this now.  It would really help me out if Sheila won the competition.

Answering questions - Susan is Amber's mistress.  She hangs out with the other mistresses sometimes, but also has her own group of friends.  


  1. Aloha Katie,
    I hope the girls don't punish you too badly over the poll.
    I think it is a natural reaction, as you get more comfortable with your new look, to start to wonder how you compare to other girls and to take some pride in your appearance.
    I don't think you meant the poll as a conscious knock of how Sheila looks. I think you meant it as a bit of humor... bolstered, perhaps, with a budding acceptance of just how hot you look in a dress.
    An ill-considered poll perhaps, but not ill-spirited.

    BTW, I hope you've planned something special for Rebecca to show her that you are still friends. It sounds like she deserves it.

    Aloha Kath

  2. I think you are both gorgeous! Let's have a real competition, sissies vs Mistresses. Go to a club, and see which side gets hit on, or the most phone numbers, etc, from guys. Winning side gets 'whatever they want' for 48 hours......

  3. Hey Hon,

    I noticed you're leading in the Polls. Just a tip... Some of your readers are probably more interested in seeing what the girls do to you if you win.

    Guys can be pretty self-centered and just asking nicely doesn't always work.

    Try offering them a special photo or post at the end of the poll if everyone will vote for Sheila or change their vote so that she wins.

    It's worth a try and maybe it will impress the girls enough that they'll forgive you.
    It will need to be good though.
    Good Luck

  4. Poor girl. I don't think that you did anything wrong. You are a pretty girl and you know it.

    Prettier than Sheila - I don't know. But every girl has a right to look at herself and feel pretty.

    Anyway, I voted for Sheila. I hope it works out OK.

    I think that you should be given some leeway. You blog regularly. Xiu does not. She should not be better off because she doesn't.


  5. yep I hope you get away , voted for sheila

  6. Too late now babe....I am thinking a double date of you and xia with 2 gorgeous sexy hunks......


  7. Hi Katie,

    you both look gorgeous and I had to throw a coin to vote. Sorry, you lost and I had to vote for you. On the other hand I think it was the correct vote objectively, because for all I can see, you have the better looking legs.

    Keep your head up and smile and be an obedient sissie, maybe then the mistresses will be lenient.

    Oh, by the way: The nails looked super, you should wear them daily.