Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sometimes I Hate Reading the Other Blogs

Sometimes I hate reading the other blogs because I find out what's in store for us.  I was given a shopping list this morning and I bought among other things, whipped cream and honey which I thought would lead to another embarrassing evening of Xiu and I licking it off each other.   Now that I've read one Kristine and Colleen's blog I think it will be much worse.  The whole dildo thing is really tough to get through and the permanent stain of my lipstick is a reminder of what it's been used for.  I need to come up with a name soon, but I don't even want to think of it.

Thank you for letting Xiu have it.  She seems to think I'm just as responsible for our current predicament as she is.   I knew what she did and I covered up for her, but she started everything.  She's still my friend and I've got her back, but I wish she'd take responsibility for it.

I had a really awkward moment with the long nails this morning.   I was getting dressed when Colleen, Kristine, Cindy, Heather, and her boyfriend came over.  Colleen didn't like what I was wearing and immediately led me into the bedroom where she laid out stuff for me to put on.  At least my lingerie still worked, but I took off my sweater and skirt and slid on a black dress.  I could barely reach the zipper, but with my long nails couldn't manipulate it.   I had to ask to be zipped up.  Nobody would do anything until I finally approached Heather's boyfriend and asked him to do it for me.  He obliged and I had to give him a kiss on the cheek which was as awkward for him as for me.  However, I felt so helpless.  I can't wait for the nails to go away.

No date night with Xiu tonight, but Colleen said that she and Kristine would be over to babysit me later and tutor me.  I can't help  but wonder, what I'm supposed to learn now.


  1. The nails look fantastic. I can imagine them in certain intimate situations. They are yours in the picture, right? What kind were they so us fans can get some? Bill

  2. How about Malcolm or Xavier for names. Or you could just go with Bob. Just don't call it Bill.

  3. Very cute pic of the nails katie the girls did a nice job at the salon. Maybe a little thank you note is in order. I also think a cute picture of you and xiu walking down campus in some cute girly pyjama bottoms and top with those red nails around the back smiling back at the camera would be cute as well. Enjoy your "evening off"

    just have fun and take care,
    sissy emily

  4. Katie

    Thank you for being such a profilic blogger! I look forward to checking up on your progress and to learn what deliciously evil assignments or tasks the girls dream up for you. Your nails look lovely and I'm sure a little kiss on the cheek is a small price to pay thank Heather's bf for his helpful gesture. You should be happy that Heather allows him to participate.

    As a suggestion I know we would all love to see your new friend, lipstick stain and all, being held gracefully in your hands with those lovely nails. Assuming your lipstick matched your nails, I'm sure it would be quite an artsy photograph...

    In friendship

  5. hi Katie,

    I hope you and the girls aren't finding me pestering at all by suggesting so many things etc, and I hope there isn't any hard feelings for me suggesting you name it, but that is one that I noticed girls do with their toys. Any I hope you continue to learn everything can and didn't have too bad of a saturday night, as always it seems like you are the most well learned sissy out of all of them so far making sure you know when not to argue take the most out of the experience,

    remember take care and have fun
    sissy emily