Thursday, April 14, 2011


I found out today that I'll have a three day weekend beginning tomorrow.  Unfortunately, Heather was there at the time and immediately texted Colleen of the news.  The result was a meet up in the dreaded union and then a short drive across town for manis and pedis.  I had several accessories swapped with me and my hair and makeup done before arriving.  I am really startled by how quickly I can go from almost looking like myself to looking like a girl.

Anyway, I now have very long nails which I'm having a real difficult time getting used to.  I don't have to dress up this weekend, but I have long red nails that are going to make it impossible for me to be anything but Katie. 

Colleen has sort of settled into a routine with me.  I know not to cross her and she doesn't seem to make things impossible for me to succeed.  The problem is that she still always gets her way.   On the way back in the car, she mentioned how great my red nails would look wrapped around my dildo when practicing.  I started to object, but she turned around and raised an eyebrow and I knew then and there to shut up and that I would be practicing.   The nails make my hands so useless.  Anyway, I'll probably blog tomorrow since I have a free day.


  1. That is nice of the girls to give you a weekend off Katie except for Saturday perhaps unless they intend making sure Xiu knows that her place in the relationship is the less dominating role. One thing I've noticed though is that from when I remember going to college a 5 years ago I remember every once in a while seeing cute girls walkng around campus in just some cute girly PJ bottoms and tops, I am sure you would have fun with that experience as well. Just a thought, but I hope you all have a fun weekend you are doing very well, probably one of the faster learners at least from blog perspective of any other sissies.

    Cheers and Have fun,

  2. You learn fast. At least you only got the raised eyebrow. Bill

  3. Oh, I forgot. Imagine how those nails will look wrapped around some other things. Bill

  4. If you blog today, show us your new nails.

  5. We would all like to see a picture of your pretty red fingernails wrapped around your new friend. Maybe a little lick as well.

    Have you given your friend. How about Henry?


  6. I agree with emily on the sexy PJ outfit, sounds like a bit of fun!

    As far as a name, I think it has to be meaningful... at first i thought maybe Leo based on your astrological sign, but that didn't really move me. Then it occurred to me that a great name should also be embarassing as well, then it hit me... Roger!

    What a great way to remind you of how all of this really started - misplaced loyalty!!

    Just a thought!