Sunday, April 10, 2011

They've Got to Be Kidding

Date Night with Xiu was actually kind of mild this week, but we were told that soon we would be going out on date nights.  I'm so nervous about the public aspect of this.  Anyway, Xiu hit the highlights.  We played Strip Poker, though we had to undress the other one in as sexy a way as we could.  It was very odd to have Xiu unzipping my dress or sliding down my hose.  We were tied together hugging again, but it is certainly less humiliating than some of the recent positions.   What isn't less humiliating is tomorrow.

Xiu and I have to take a trip over to the adult store and pick up dildos.   They have to be extremely realistic because we wouldn't want to have unrealistic dildos now.  I don't know if I'm more scared about going to the store and failing to pass as I buy one or the fact that Colleen wants me to have one.  So far she's been pretty good about not posting explicit pictures so I really hope that continues.

The girls want me out and about this week in non-threatening situations.  I'm wondering just how much work I can get done in the library wearing a dress.  There's certainly a lot to wrap my head around.  I've been following the dance lessons discussion on Sheila and Amanda's blog and it doesn't look like things will be getting easier for Xiu and me anytime soon.


  1. Hi Katie
    I'm sorry if I made things harder for you by talking to the girls about dancing. When the subject came up I couldn't help myself. It's my favorite thing and I love to talk about it.

    I don't think you need to worry about the girls posting anything explicit. I can tell you that from this side of the internet, I've never seen them post anything more salacious than you would find in a Victoria's Secret Catalog. I generally don't read these sort of blogs and if I thought they were x-rated or exploitive I wouldn't follow them.
    The girls really seem to care about your safety and that of all the rest of the gurls who have blogs here. I think things could be a lot worse.

    Anyway, I just wanted to apologize if I stepped into this more than I should. I think that other than this one mistake with Xiu you seem like a really good person.
    I've adopted the term gurls in comments since sissy is slightly derogatory. Is there another term you would prefer that would distinguish you from the mistresses? I've been using girls/gurls, but would you prefer grrls or something similiar?


  2. you should take Xia out on a date as Katie to a Lesbian Club... you can both show just how much you truly care about each other but without the fear of guys trying to hit on you....

  3. I wouldn't worry at all about studying in a dress Katie, as long as you just relax and don't tense up looking like shouldn't belong some where then you will be just fine. Sounds like they moving through your outfits in a hurry almost seems like it might be time for another shopping trip to spruce up the wardrobe with some fresh supplies. You should definitely get a pic of yourself in your dress hard at study with maybe a cute smile or flirting with a bra strap showing. Maybe even get a tan with a little butterfly tattoo or something.

    Have you found yourself being more accepted by other girls that you across when dressed or do they even notice you, and do you find yourself having more preference for certain style bras and panties yet?

  4. Also as a side note Katie, think of it this way at least they aren't making you wonder around with a Hello Kittie or other kid girly back pack. Unless we don't know something.