Friday, April 22, 2011

Getting Behind on Questions

Yesterday was supposed to be shopping day, but it was rather nice and today was forecasted (correctly) to be a gray and rainy mess, so the girls gave me a day reprieve in exchange for some modeling around campus.  I felt really embarrassed and exposed as people would come by and wonder who the girl posing was and why she was modeling.  I know at least a couple of camera phones got shots of me as well.

I got the better of a conversation with Colleen.  She told me at one point that will all these pictures of me on campus, they had all the blackmail they would ever need if I decided to be uncooperative.  I told Colleen, that I thought that ship had already sailed months ago.  She didn't know what to say, but then admitted they all still liked to watch me pose. 

I got another phone number.   A guy approached Kristine and asked her what was going on.  She explained that she needed to get some pictures for a sociology project (I guess I'm the project).  The guy was in a class with her and immediately started chatting me up.  As I looked over the girls were smiling at me and winking, but it was a relatively safe setting.  I did my best to flirt back and the small cold I have now probably actually helped my voice (this cough is really bothering me by the way) or at least provided an excuse if I still wasn't in the right register.   He wanted to swap numbers---I guess there are advantages to not having a pocket for a cell phone, but I talked him into writing his down instead when I promised to call.  Kristine says he's a terrible flirt who does this to every girl he meets, but that he seems like a decent guy.

Xiu and I will be spending Saturday together again.  I can't deny being scared about it.  I actually practiced with my little friend Roger this morning (if you know what I mean) because I was told my technique needed improvement.  I felt so embarrassed.  Things do ease up around here, but when they get intense, they get really intense.


  1. Don't you still think it's amazing that guys would stop to get your number, since you still feel like a guy? I would think so. But I gotta admit, you're really hot and I think I might do it too! It's all so confusing. Bill
    Oh yes, there a many places on the web to learn how to handle Roger.

  2. Katie you look gorgeous in that picture! I envy your legs


  3. Questions

    I know you are busy but when you get a chance, here are some questions.

    The last few blogs seem to make it pretty obvious that you are having fun on some level. You got in trouble because you seemed so pleased with how you looked and you seem to enjoy being on display.

    Aren’t you enjoying all this on some level?

    I know you are still convinced you are hetero but. Aren’t you just a little proud when guys give you the eye?

    How long does it take to get dressed? To take care of body hare? Do your nails and makeup? Your hair? When you are done and look in the mirror, don’t you, for at least a moment, go WOW?

    You must have figured out by now that there are a lot of women who would love to have a relationship with a beautiful, submissive sissy? Aren’t just a little curious what that would be like?

    It just seems that there is a part of all this that you do not want to admit.


  4. Wow, read Tommy's post again. And what do you think? Bill